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Autograph hit the road and 'Turn up the Radio' while fans of 'ousted' original drummer Keni Richards 'Turn up the Drama'



Autograph_Danny_FB_post_9_2014Steve Lynch, Simon Daniels, Marc Wieland & Randy Rand


Autograph hit the road and ‘Turn up the Radio’ while fans of ‘ousted’ original drummer Keni Richards ‘Turn up the Drama’


On The Road — Time to turn up the radio, the amps and the drama too! Autograph have officially launched themselves into 2014 with the bands first live shows since their come back. The band played dates this past weekend in Penns Peak Pennyslvania and Pittsburgh. The recently reunited 80s rockers have 2 of its original line-up in guitarist Steve Lynch and Randy Rand on bass. These performances were also the live debut for new frontman Simon Daniels (aka Danny Simon) formerly of Jailhouse.

Autograph_Danny_FB_post_2_2014                                                    Autograph fans in Penns Peak Pennsylvania


Meanwhile fans of the group’s original drummer Keni Richards have started an official facebook page called ‘We want Keni Richards back in Autograph….NOW!’  It seems there was a falling out of sorts between Keni and the other members of the group. In recent weeks select fans have started taking sides, name calling and re-naming the band. Richards himself has called the band Spinalgraph while others have come up with Halfagraph, Fraudagraph, Sortagraph and Laughagraph.

Metal Sludge spoke with lead guitarist Steve Lynch who stated the following; “We wish Keni nothing but the best. We wish everyone the best and we want to send positive energy out to all.” 

Lynch who teaches music in Seattle where he lives also expressed enthusiasm about his new frontman Simon and says, “He does a great job with the songs.”  These shows were the bands first appearances in over 25 years, and Lynch added, “The fans in Pennsylvania were great” and he also seemed pleasantly surprised that so many still knew all the songs and sang along.

We first reported that Autograph was on the come back trail back on August 13th 2013 when original drummer Keni Richards posted an introduction of the bands new frontman Sinon Daniels. At which time, Richards appeared to be Daniels’ biggest cheerleader. Now not so much. We then reported on January 1st of this year about a rumor that Richards was being replaced.

We reached out to Keni in early January and inquired about the rumor – our exchange with him is noted below.

Metal Sludge asked “Is it true that you’re being replaced in Autograph?”

Keni Richards replied with…..  “for the time being!!!!!!!”

We dug deeper and asked;  “What happened?”

His second reply was….. “that’s a great question !!!! personal issues 4 me!!! that’s it for now!!!!

Richards himself has been very vocal in recent weeks about the falling out and has posted countless comments on social media. Including a request for someone to photoshop him turned around giving the finger – presumably at his former band mates. He seems to be taking this pretty hard from the looks of his postings and it seems some social media supporters of Richards have lashed out at Simon Daniels. This could be fueled by the fact that the replacement drummer is Marc Wieland, who ironically was brought on board by Daniels. The two had previously  played together in the Los Angeles based band Flood.

See screen capture from Keni Richards official facebook below.


One fan close with the group has posted some footage of Keni, original bassist Randy Rand and new vocalist Simon Daniels playing “Turn Up The Radio” in what appears to be a rehearsal room. See video below.

Now since last weekend’s show played, a few youtube clips and live photos of the new Autograph line-up from a show with East Coast rockers Kix can be seen below.

Autograph_Danny_FB_post_3_2014                                 Autograph rock a club date to a packed house in Pittsburgh


Autograph_Danny_FB_post_6_2014                                    Steve Lynch, Simon Daniels & Marc Wieland


Autograph_Danny_FB_post_5_2014                                                            Simon Daniels & Randy Rand


Back in September 2013 a video surfaced with 3 original members Steve Lynch (Guitar), Randy Rand (Bass) and Keni Richards (Drums) talking about the future of Autograph with new frontman Simon Daniels. See video below.

Now check out the original video for “Turn Up The Radio” from the bands 1984 debut “Sign In Please.”

Look for Autograph on the Monsters of Rock Cruise March 29th thru April 2nd and at the annual M3 Music Festival in Maryland on Saturday April 26th 2014.

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Keni Richards @ Facebook

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