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BACH ON T.V. … Watch Sebastian Bach sing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” on The Masked Singer while wearing the Tiki (Tree) costume

Sebastian Bach sings as Tiki on The Masked Singer

“The panelists had varied guesses for Tiki’s identity, with John Stamos, David Lee Roth, and Robert Plant being mentioned.”
Screen Rant

Metal Sludge — The new season of The Masked Singer is here and the line-up includes some Hair Metal royalty as part of their new cast.

Of course this is not confirmed anywhere on the planet just yet, but it doesn’t take a rock scientist to hear that distinct nasal tinged delivery that is the Youth Gone Wild.

That is correct, Metal Sludge is going out on a limb and telling you, Tiki is Sebastian Bach.

The Masked Singer Season 10 kicked off last night on FOX and the internet is ripe with comments with guesses as to who just might be singing inside that Tiki (the Tree) costume.

Metal Sludge will be the first to tell you right here that Tiki is without a doubt the former Skid Row singer Sebasitan Bach.

Bach, 55, as most know sang for the New Jersey based Skid Row during their hey-day and this is not the singer’s first rodeo when it comes to rocking n’ rolling on the tube.

Bach has previously appeared on the Vh1 show Supergroup in 2006, Celebrity Rap Superstar in 2007 where he got 3rd place and he also won the CMT show Gone Country in 2008.

The website Screen Rant have posted a feature about the show and the Tiki performance in general.

During the show Tiki tells the viewers: “I got to sell millions of records, travel the world, and party with some of music’s biggest names.” At that point, a human skull was shown. Tiki then admitted, “But I was a stiff drink with a loose mouth, and I got myself in a lot of trouble.”

“The panelists had varied guesses for Tiki’s identity, with John Stamos, David Lee Roth, and Robert Plant being mentioned.” wrote Screen Rant.

In addition to the most recent reality T.V. show appearance, Bach was also a regular on the Gilmour Girls series (13 episodes), Trailer Park Boys series (5 episodes) and Celebrity Fit Club (5 episodes).

Another singing related show had Bach appearing in 6 episodes of Sing Your Face Off for ABC in 2016.

Watch and listen below to Tiki performing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” on The Masked Singer.

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