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BACH ON TRUMP in 2016 … Sebastian Bach on Donald Trump as President: “Let’s Go For It, Let’s Do This!” VIDEO

Sebastian Bach on the Kennedy show in December 2016, when asked about Donald Trump as President, Bach replied: “Let’s go for it, let’s do this.”

Metal Sludge — Just under 4 years ago in December of 2016, Sebastian Bach was a guest on Fox News and interviewed by Kennedy.

At the time, Bach seemed fairly optimistic when asked about how the world will look with Donald Trump as the new President.

Kennedy asks the singer: “Last question, how will a Trump Presidency affect music, and will it be for the better of society?”

Bach replied: “I think it’s too early to see how Donald Trump is gonna affect anything, cause he’s brand new – I have no idea. Like, let’s go for it, let’s do this” as he crossed his fingers.

Bach at the time was on a promotional tour promoting his book “18 & Life, On Skid Row.

It’s now been 4 years, and Bach clearly no longer wants to ‘go for it’ with Donald Trump as President.

In a brand new video message shared on his official Instagram, which was also featured on Blabbermouth, the former Skid Row singer is wearing a “Fuck Trump” t-shirt.

Bach at points during the emotional clip seems to be very upset, perhaps on the verge of tears as he speaks to those watching as he shares his feelings.

Bach says with a quiver in his voice: “We are days away, hours away from an election on November 3rd, which is by far the most important election of all of our lifetimes, and maybe the most important election of all time,” Sebastian said. “Because this is about democracy. This is about choosing who is the best man to run our country — and it’s not Jared Kushner, okay?

“Here’s the situation: all of us have had our lives stopped since March 2020,” he continued. “It’s now gonna be November. We all want our lives back. In order to change our lives back to normal, we have to put somebody in charge that has a plan — not give another four years to the guy that stopped everything. It doesn’t make sense.

“I have a tour booked starting in April. Half of the shows are in the country of Canada. We have booked shows in Canada, but Americans aren’t allowed in Canada right now. So if things don’t change, I don’t see how we’re gonna go on tour in Canada when Americans aren’t allowed in Canada.

“Do you understand how heavy this is?”

Bach has continued to be outspoken against President Trump for most of 2020, and one can only wonder how Bach will react if Trump were to win.

Everyone go out and Vote, and we’ll see what happens on November 3rd.

Sebastian Bach in a new emotional video message is telling fans to: “Vote for science, Vote against racism, Vote for the climate and Vote for our children.”


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