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BACK IN BLOND … L.A. Guns bring back former member Adam Hamilton to play guitar



L.A. Guns bring back former member Adam Hamilton to play guitar


LOS ANGELES, California — Just as quick as they have lost a member, L.A. Guns have a new one.

L.A. Guns are welcoming back former bassist Adam Hamilton.

This according to Tracii Guns who posted a pic of Hamilton on his instagram and the words; “He’s back

Hamilton will now play rythym guitar for the recently departed Johnny Monaco.

Hamilton was previously a member of L.A. Guns from 2001-2007 as the band’s bassist.

A multi-instrumentalist, Hamilton has also been a drummer with several groups including Joey C. Jones & The Gloryhounds, along with the early 90’s CC DeVille project Needle Park.

In addition to his first stint in L.A. Guns, Hamilton has worked on numerous projects producing, mixng and mastering for artists like; Leif Garrett, Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons), Johnny Thunders, Vanilla Ice, George Lynch and William Shatner among others.

L.A. Guns also features classic era vocalist Phil Lewis, Johnny Martin (bass) and Shane Fitzgibbon on drums.

Look for L.A. Guns on the road this summer and fall.





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