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BAT (SH!T CRAZY) OUT OF HELL … Bob Kulick unhinges on brother Bruce Kulick, Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons



Bob Kulick unhinges on brother Bruce Kulick, Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons



Facebook — Kiss Army we have a problem.

It appears that an extended member of the Kiss family has went all-in on the core of Kiss.

Bob Kulick has once again spoke out (via Faebook) and this time he’s doubling-down.

Kulick is upset about some Kulick Brothers merchandise that is being sold by KISS ARMY MERCHANDISE.

“The photos below are merchandise items currently being sold by KISS ARMY MERCHANDISE with permission from MY BROTHER BRUCE KULICK only I have NOT given permission for this and have not been accounted to or paid for merchandise SOLD bearing my name and photos with my likeness.” wrote the elder Kulick

Kuick calls out his own brother Bruce Kulick, and the core of Kiss along with management.

“This is called COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and an indication to all of you as to where my back stabbing Brother Bruce is in all this !
Disgraceful , uncalled for and a situation that will be answered in time !” added Bob Kulick

Kulick wrote:
“The culprits are
Keith Leroux
Bruce Kulick ( who now has a restraining order against me )
Paul Stanley
Gene Simmons
Doc McGhee

Please be advised that these “people “ are dishonorable and dishonest….”

What has a lot of people concerned, is that Bob even acknowledged that Bruce has filed a restrainging order against him.

Sounds like there was some drama beyond (before) this social media rant.

It looks like Bob has really blown a gasket this time.

Bob also refers to the named parties as “pethetic”.

In addition to his post, Bob has now personally replied dozens of times to comments on the posting found HERE.

Stay tuned as we see what happens next….





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