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BETTER THAN SUNBOMB? … 10?’s with Jim McCloskey from So. Calif. Metal band Sea of Snakes


LOS ANGELES — With a heavy sound and an even heavier attitude, Sea of Snakes is on the rise.

The band is quickly making a name for themselves with a hot new CD called “Worlds on Fire.”

If you have a taste for Rob Zombie, Black Label Society or the no frills Biker Metal sound in general, then Sea of Snakes might be up your alley.

We caught up with guitarist Jim McCloskey in this Metal Sludge exclusive.  


1, METAL SLUDGE: What is going on with the band? Here is your shot to plug your shit. 

JIM McCLOSKEY – SEA OF SNAKES: The band is eagerly awaiting covid to end to go out and promote our new EP “World on Fire.” We are also currently working on new songs for our next recording. 

2, So I actually listened to the songs. You combine grunge, metal and classic rock all in one. Was there a point where you wondered if it was all going to work? 

SOS: Nah, nothing we do is too premeditated. We do what comes naturally. We just start jamming and whatever comes out, comes out. I’m sure in the future there will be some other elements like thrash or punk that will come out as well. If we like it, then it works.

3, What’s the secret meaning of the name Sea of Snakes? There must be more to it … 

SOS: We were tossing around band names and at the time I was listening to “Mer de Nome” by A Perfect Circle. It’s French and translated to English is “sea of names”. That started the idea and then I was thinking about how society is just a sea of snakes. From home to school to the music industry to the government, we liked the name and also thought the name was appropriate.

4, Please introduce each band member including something embarrassing about each one. 

SOS: Tracy Steiger, singer: Devils his own eggs. Jeff Murray, drums: Made it past 27. Jim “rose” McCloskey: Still thinks Debbie Gibson is hot. Mick Coffman, bass: sometimes goes by Mick “the dick” Coffman.

5, Is NOT playing live because of the Pandemic the equivalent of a chastity device? 

SOS: I’m not sure I would use that analogy. I would say more like having an 8-ball of coke and not being able to use it!

6, Have people told you you’re crazy for taking a stab at rock and roll? 

Sea Of Snakes is grabbing traditional press in printed magazines along with an online buzz

SOS: People have told me I’m crazy since grade school. I’ve always heard a  lot of negativity along the way playing rock n roll. Rock n roll in my eyes is supposed to be crazy. Right?

7, List three reasons why Sea of Snakes is great.

1. We keep shit heavy.
2. We don’t give a fuck so you never know what to expect from us.
3. We record at the best studio (Total Access)

8, How come the hot chicks like Glam more than Metal?

SOS: Probably because those bands sing songs that appeal to women like “ballads”. Plus they are more focused on their look rather than their music. We only care about hot chicks who dig metal.

9, Name a well-known band you think you can blow away live. 

SOS: I don’t know. I guess anything is possible any given night but off the top of my head I’d have to say “Sunbomb”. I haven’t seen them live and I’m curious if they are even a real band or just a throw together project to drum up some quick cash. But i heard the music and I’m pretty certain we can blow them away live.

10, And finally, please share three pieces of advice for wannabe rock musicians. 

SOS: Wannabee rock musicians will always be just that. “Wannabees”. They are everywhere. They have infiltrated the music industry like cockroaches breeding rapidly with absolutely no soul. To real musicians starting out, I would say always stay true to yourself. Don’t stray from what it is you know you are and like. 

If you do that your music will always sound honest.  I’d also say don’t give up. There will be a lot of times you feel defeated or like just throwing the towel in. There will always be naysayers and negativity coming from people on the outside. Don’t let it get to you and keep pushing forward.

Lastly I would tell someone to keep practicing and writing. You can’t ever do that enough and if you do, you will always get better.It’s competitive out there. 

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