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BIG MOUTH! Stevie Rachelle of Tuff talks baldness, Kiss, Poison, Gn’R, Quiet Riot & Ratt lineups on the Inappropriate Earl podcast



Stevie Rachelle of Tuff talks baldness, Kiss, Poison, Gn’R, Quiet Riot & Ratt lineups on Inappropriate Earl podcast


Inapproriate Earl — I talk about the 80’s a lot cuz I was there but this man WAS the 80’s as I might have been there but he was IN IT to the FULLEST!! Follow him on Twitter @stevietuff and @metalsludge and on Instagram @stevietuff as well as and You can also follow me on Twitter/Instagram @EarlSkakel


img_0752   “You bald son-of-a-bitch” Earl Skakel to Stevie Rachelle 

Stevie Rachelle and Earl Skakel touch on several subjects including the following:

Earl-Podcast-Block-Jan-2014* Motley Crue, attending fairwell show in Southern California on New Years Eve
* Poison, Bret Michaels going solo and how he’s made the brand valuable by himself
* Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose and the brand he’s kept alive, Izzy Stradlin’s complaint on sharing money
* Kiss, Gene and Paul and why Peter and Ace aren’t worth an even split
* Earl’s idea to do a Vinnie Vincent documentary
* Kickstarter and Stevie’s idea to raise money using it for hair transplants
* Baldness, getting hair transplants and the scars it left
* The infamous towel shot of Stevie that Earl calls “gayer than gay sex” visually
* Monster Energy and his decade long involvement with the great company
* King Kobra and BulletBoys
* Ratt, Bobby Blotzer and the current rotating lineup, fans saying “That’s not Ratt”
* Quiet Riot, Frankie Banali relaunching the brand and rightfully so
* Kiss, lineup with Eric Singer coming in, after Eric Carr got sick

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