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BLAMES ALCOHOL … Archie Cruz Blames Tequila for Harsh Reaction, Apologizes to Metal Sludge and says “Moves are being made” in the band

Archie Cruz – Photo courtesy Wikidata

Metal Sludge — In a new podcast interview, Santa Cruz singer Archie Cruz is blaming his harsh reaction to the critics and his band’s recent negative press on alcohol.

Cruz appeared on a brand new episode of This, That & The Other with host Troy Patrick Farrell.

TT&TO describes their latest episode with Cruz: “This occurred today on “This That and the Other w/ Troy Patrick Farrell” where Archie Cruz – Lead Singer of Santa Cruz discusses what happened, apologizes to Eddie Trunk and online publications and seemingly hints at lineup changes.”

Without mincing words, Farrell gets right down to business and asks Cruz about what happened at their recent “Whisky” show in Hollywood and why he went so hard at certain people after the fact.

Cruz out of the box admits: “I got a bit riled up there, (and now realized) maybe it’s time to step back.”

The Finnish founded band performed live at the in Hollywood on April 6th 2022 and had a less than stellar showing.

Cruz admits that he might have went a little hard, with his reaction calling Eddie Trunk fat and threatening to end his career and states: “I had a few Tequila shots, it’s always the Tequila and I went f#@king hard” and “that’s why I’m trying not to drink much anymore, cause I do sh!t like that, and it was out of line.”

It seemed that last week the band had some trouble sinc’ing their live show with their tracks that Cruz admits they use to add layers.

Trunk was one of the first to go after the band and did not hold back either.

The Trunk post was subsequently shared by numerous metal and rock sites across the net, which then compiled into endless shares from fans and haters on social media.

It was during their new single “Under The Gun” when it seems the wheels fell off live and the entire band turned towards drummer Randy McDemian to get back in the groove.

But simultaneously forgot their vocals were on tracks, and while the sampled vocals played, none of the players were singing, or even near their mics on stage.

The band found themselves trying to recover, but not before a fan in the crowd captured a moment they might be wishing never happened.

The video went viral as they say, and now has nearly 200,000 views in a week’s time.

Farrell even asked about the drummer’s job stability in the band, and Cruz says: “Moves are being made.”

As was covered here on Metal Sludge in our SILLY VANILLI article, we wrote about the main vocals playing through the P.A. system while the band members were nowhere near the front of house microphones: “This went on for almost the entire first verse while guitarist Jerry Jade and bassist Tommy Bradley, along with Cruz are all facing the drummer. The lead vocals play for over 20 seconds with no member near their microphone.”

“The whole Milli Vanilli comparison was lame, it was super low” says Cruz about our Metal Sludge article.

The fallout was swift across the internet when fans, and press alike shared the clip over and over and Cruz admits: “It was f#@king embarrassing.” 

The band’s name made headlines here on Metal Sludge, along with popular hard rock and metal sites like Metal Sucks, Blabbermouth, Sleazeroxx and via Eddie Trunk on his social media platforms.

In a nutshell, it was not a good showing for Santa Cruz, which Cruz also admits, and the band found itself in a virtual media sh!t-storm to put it lightly.

But now, Cruz is trying to correct the ship, pick up the pieces and is even apologizing.

Cruz ended his interview on TT&TO with an official apology to Metal Sludge‘s CEO Stevie Rachelle and Eddie Trunk saying: “I have nothing but love for those guys. It’s pure love. Peace out to Eddie Trunk and Stevie Tuff.”

We’d like to thank Cruz for owning it, and just for the record, we’ll be watching your next gig on Youtube for sure.

So, fly straight, or it might be bottles of piss from the crowd next time.

Archie Cruz of Santa Cruz photo courtesy Facebook


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