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BLINDSIDED … Terry Ilous was not aware he was out of Great White until the press release hit the internet



Terry Ilous was not aware he was out of Great White until the press release hit the internet



LOS ANGELES, California — Great White has released lead singer Terry Ilous from his duties, and replaced him with Mitch Malloy.

But it appears based off a Facebook post, by Ilous‘ better half, the singer was unaware he was being let go from the band.

That is, until the press release hit the internet on Monday morning July 9th.

Marie Ilous wrote in the comments section of the Great White (band) official Facebook posting: “Terry wasn’t even aware of the decision!” with a thumbs down emoji attached.


Based on very recent social media posts from Ilous, he played with Great White over the weekend but woke up Monday morning no longer in the group.

Great White played in Colorado (July 6th) and in Nevada on July 7th.

Ilous had been singing for Great White since 2010.

Best known for his original 80’s hard rock band XYZ, Ilous was called upon to fill in singing for Great White dates helping out (a sidelined) Jack Russell.

Overtime, Russell was never allowed the chance to return to the band he co-founded, and Ilous was officially named their new guy.

Russell has been performing as Jack Russell, and with Jack Russell’s Great White since the split with his former band.

Upon press time, it appears that the original Facebook comment by Marie Ilous has since been deleted. But not before we got hold of the screen capture.






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