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Bobby Blotzer continues online rant towards RATT band mates calling them selfish and claims; "Juan's half the problem."




Bobby Blotzer continues online rants towards RATT band mates calling them selfish, then claims “Juan’s half the problem.”


Facebook — As the world turns, so does the internet. It also appears the Ratt world is turning Round & Round more every day. In the recent calendar week a few online comments which seemed ’80s hairband’ typical have now turned into a small avalanche of rantings from Bobby Blotzer. And the majority of it seems to be aimed directly at his own band mates.

Clearly there is a real Lack of Communication going on in their camp. As one would expect it’s likely this comes down to money and power. What can we say except Nobody Rides For Free. The bands drummer of 33 years (he proudly boasted with fans) really likes to Lay It Down when he vents on his official facebook. He’s exchanged with fans ongoing and insists there is ‘no record to finish’ as the band (according to Blotzer) cannot get ‘he’ (we’re assuming Stephen Pearcy) into a writing session. After all these crazy postings, Blotzer goes on to claim he has to deal with all this ‘bozo shit’ – go figure?

We say this to the whole band, it seems like You’re In Trouble but no matter how bad it gets as fans we hope like always, you’ll come to your senses and be Back For More.

See a gang o’ screen caps below from the one, the only, the mighty, and always mouthy Bobby Blotzer below.






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