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Bobby Blotzer fires off F-Bomb to singer but confirms to Ratt fans: “We’ll be there (Monsters of Rock Cruise). But, if you only knew what this ride has been like….”





Bobby Blotzer confirms Ratt will be on Monster of Rock Cruise but not before he fires off an F-bomb to his singer.


Facebook — It appears there is some truth to our “Ratt in trouble again” posting from last week.

Metal Sludge was first to report when Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer commented to some fans on his facebook and posted the following:  “Gotta have a band to do a record, Stephen (Pearcy) is out!” 

Stephen Pearcy seemed to then throw a subliminal “F-bomb” on twitter towards his drummer using a photo of Elvis Presley. It could have been construed as being directed at Blotzer but that can only be alleged. Now in turn, Blotzer has done the same using a famous image of  Johnny Cash flipping the bird. The difference is, Blotzer actually wrote “Hi stephen!!” on his post (see screen cap above).


A source close to the band says there is still some turmoil between the ‘controlling & full partnership Ratt members Bobby Blotzer and Warren DeMartini, and their ‘hired gun’ singer Stephen Pearcy. It seems that this could be traced back to the bands initial split in 2000/01 when Pearcy and the band parted ways.  The battle with original members led to legal action between the parties in which Blotzer & DeMartini won the battle and would keep control of the Ratt brand for touring.  Even though they have since reunited – sources claim, that Pearcy is still not an equal member, and does not make an equal cut. It’s also alleged, that Pearcy has not asked for more money, but has requested to be paid equally to all original members.  This seems to be the contributing factor in the on-going feud. One can only imagine that Juan Croucier must have similar feelings to Pearcy if this in fact true.

Jizzy Pearl (Love/Hate, Ex. L.A. Guns)  was hired after the band spent a brief period with Robert Mason (Ex. Lynch Mob) during the bands time (2001/2006) without founding and original member Pearcy. So if there is any substance to Blotzer‘s claim – where does Ratt go for a vocalist as both of their previous choices are now employed by Quiet Riot and Warrant.

Blotzer has since commented on his official Facebook and answered one fans demand that reads: “You can hate or love or love or hate him all you want as long as all your Ratt asses are on that boat on the 29!!! Got that Mister?!!! Lol”

The fan referring to the much anticipated Monsters or Rock Cruise March 29th – April 2nd 2014.

Bobby replied with: “We’ll be there. But, if you only knew what this ride has been like.. Lol, Ratt n Roll can take its toll.”

See the exchange below.



It’s 2014 and Ratt seemed to have solidified their original line-up as much as possible with 4 of the ‘classic year’ members being on board, but now it seems unstable yet again.

Robin Crosby passed away back in 2002 and Carlos Cavazo (Ex. Quiet Riot) has been solid in his place since 2008.

Stay tuned to see where the Ratt n’ Roll ride takes us next?

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