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Bobby Blotzer wishes ‘ill will’ on RATT singer Stephen Pearcy with lame facebook comment after Evel Dick posts results of ugly nite out.


Bobby Blotzer wishes ‘ill will’ on RATT singer Stephen Pearcy with lame facebook comment


Facebook — Wow, just wow. Once again Bobby Blotzer shows why he is so much more than just a tool. He’s the whole fucking Home Depot!

We all get stupid and sure we all act out or say crazy things at some point in our life. But clearly some more than others. And some with no class at all. Such is the case (again) with RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer.

How so you may ask?

Let us break it down for you.

This past weekend “Evel Dick” Donato published a photo of himself via his own twitter/facebook which shows the Big Brother 2007 winner looking pretty rough. So rough, it’s a miracle he’s alive.  Initial rumors were that Evel Dick got beat up, hit by a car, was drunk and fell down and a few other crazy assumptions. We won’t assume, but will offer that any of those is possible considering the battered Dick’s photo.

See photo and posting below from Evel Dick’s official twitter/facebook.



What followed Mr. Dick’s posting were more than a hundred comments from fans, friends and others wishing the black n’ blue Dick well and voicing their concerns. This was also featured on the popular TMZ website much to the dismay of the very bruised Dick.

In a short and simple blast, RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer chimed in and posted, “Why can’t this happen to my singer”



Now as noted above, we all can be assholes from time to time. But sometimes the word asshole just isn’t a good enough description.

What kind of an asshat publicly throws that out at someone, especially someone you’ve done business with and partnered with for over 30 years. Adding insult is the fact that Stephen Pearcy just experienced a death in his immediate family.

Who says this kind of shit?

The answer is simple, Bobby Blotzer.

Dude, congrats, you’ve proven once again you have no class and are a douchebag of the highest caliber!

Other notable rock friends and associates like Tracii Guns &  Riki Rachtman all wished the battered Dick well and showed concern.

Metal Sludge would like to give a shout out to Evel Dick with love from our entire staff and all of our supporters. We first featured Evel Dick as Sludgeaholic of the month back in October 2004. We also featured some excellent eXposed pictures of Dick as a young dick.

Check them out, he use to be a cute little dick.

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