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BOMB IS RIGHT … Sunbomb with Michael Sweet & Tracii Guns review: “All Throw-Away Demos… 2 Stars.”

Tracii Guns and Michael Sweet of Sunbomb
Truth Teller

Metal Sludge — Who has time to write reviews these days, besides complete music nerds who have no life.

Well, I don’t have a life either…and no I am not a nerd, but I couldn’t help it after this hit my ears today.

So… I decided to jot a few notes down about the latest from Frontiers Records.

Not the airlines but that Italian based indy record label that puts out all the 80’s bands.

Yeah, the one that keeps putting out these super groups, that blow.

Here is the latest… Sunbomb.


Sun Bomb… BOMB is right!

Frontiers Demos Presents… Sweet & Guns.

Upon first listen, the vocals are rushed, too low in the mix and the drums are way too loud.

It also sounds like a rehearsal jam that the band do before they get ready to rehearse the “Songs” for the set.

With the Jesus lyrics laid over the top….

Then there are those annoying screams Michael Sweet has been doing forever and went out of style in 1985.

This is what happens when 1 person turns all the knobs, on 3-4 projects at a the same time from his extra bedroom.

Then you also have Lynch & Sweet…

Lynch & Mason…

Pilson & Lynch…

Sweet solo…


Add guitarist, add singer, give them $10-15k, demo a batch of songs at the home studio, come up with a band name and release it.

Then there is a “you get this much” and “I’ll keep this much” and “we will use this much for this” after we submit a stock photo for the press release. (see above)

Then it’s waking up on some random weekday in the suburbs and the guys think: “We better go plug in, we have to write 12 songs for that new record deal.”

A bunch of random licks are now formulated into complete songs.

And the singer grabs a pen and starts jotting down, “Because he died for our sins….” in between yelling on social media about why his band’s cotton masks cost $75.00 each!

Rinse, repeat and the deadline is in 30 days.

Not withstanding the mix of course.

Which will all be done in a matter of hours or a few days for all.

No live show will happen, or tour, or similar.

As there is obviously not enough demand, no promoter would pay for it, and not enough people would buy a ticket.


Same reason they didn’t buy or attend Devil City Angels.

The few live shows those guys went around and did were, ummm… nothing to write home about.

The (few) fans that attended said they were acting like they were Led Zepplin.

You rememeber, it was Guns, and Rockett and some American Idol contestant from Iowa on vocals, and you have a Super Group.

More like stupid group.

The sad part for these artists is…they won’t see another dime (ever)…and the label will sell the CDs, the Vinyl, the Digital and probably the Swag til the end of eternity.

There is nothing organic here…it’s an email offer, a pay check, and then a phone call happens and here you have it…. Sunbomb.

Bomb couldn’t be more fitting.

Frontiers basically have Sweet, Lynch, Pilson and Guns on speed dial.

How many more of these will we get…2, 4 or 24?

These are all Throw-Away Demos… I give this 2 Stars out of 5.

One star for Tracii Guns’ rock star name and history, and one star for the Jesus freak and his brand.

The rest… pure garbage, but Eddie Trunk will love it.

And no… I haven’t even heard it all but I’d bet the farm I am right.

All ideas that didn’t make the latest L.A. Guns or Stryper records.

There ya go… happy 2021 everyone!

Thanks for visiting the site…



Sunbomb, Evil and Divine – Track ListingFrontiers Music Sr1

01. “Life”
02. “Take Me Away”
03. “Better End”
04. “No Tomorrows”
05. “Born To Win”
06. “Evil And Divine”
07. “Been Said And Done”
08. “Stronger Than Before”
09. “Story Of The Blind”
10. “World Gone Wrong”
11. “They Fought”



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