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BREAKING RIBS (NEWS) … Vince Neil falls off the stage at Monsters on the Mountain and suffers Broken Ribs

Vince Neil of Motley Crue

Metal SludgeMetal Sludge is reporting breaking news that Vince Neil has just fallen off the back of the stage tonight at the Monsters on the Mountain gig.

It appears that the show was going fine, and in between songs, or vocal parts, Neil walked towards the back, or side of the stage and fell.

Bassist Dana Strum addressed the crowd, and explained the situation in a video below.

In addition, Metal Sludge has had multiple sources at the event, both in the crowd and backstage, that have confirmed the incident.

According to one VIP band member backstage, the report is that Neil was in an ambulance, and being taken away.

The fall injured Neil, to what extent is not entirely clear, but Strum has described the injury as broken ribs, and that Vince could not breath nor continue his performance.

The band played “Live Wire” without Neil as their final number.

Stay tuned for more as this story develops…



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