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Insider alleges Sebastian Bach has 'fallen off the wagon' and now Baz tweets "I am single let us all mingle!"




Insider alleges Sebastian Bach has ‘fallen off the wagon’ and now Baz tweets ‘I am single let us all mingle!’ 


Hollywood — A hot rumor on the street is that Sebastian Bach has “fallen off the wagon” says an inside source.

It appears that Bach was really enjoying himself recently with close friends. So much so, he poured himself a drink.

Now we can’t be 100% sure that he was drinking alcohol – but he was holding a wine glass and it looked pretty full. Of course, that doesn’t mean he was drinking it but oddly wine happens to be Bach’s drink of choice.

Our insider sent us this photo (above) and alleges it was snapped last weekend of the voice extraordinaire. And it appears that Bach is enjoying a beverage that one would assume – is not Kool-Aid.

The source also claims that his on and off again relationship with model Minnie Gupta has hit the skids again. Not the Skid Row, but the skids as in, it appears they are having a rough go of it.

This now appears to be true and would come as a big surprise as the singer stated just last month “I have a girlfriend, and I would marry her if she wanted me to” when he was interviewed at a show in Europe. Check that full interview out right HERE.

Bach tweeted “I am single, so let us all mingle!” and seems to blame rock n’ roll for fucking up his relationship again. Bach then advertises “WANTED: a girl who wants to travel the world, have fun, & can deal.”


Ironic and coincidental Minnie Gupta tweeted a message that says #gohomeyourdrunk  just a few hours before Bach announced being single.


The former Skid Row frontman and the vivacious model have been in love on twitter for all to see for a little over 2 years. But there has been some bumps in the road.

The couple had broken up in October 2012 but after only days the 46 year old singer tweeted, “Breaking up is hard to do” and confirmed they were back together.

In recent months Bach has been soaring all over the net doing countless interviews boasting about his sobriety and that seemed to be the one thing that Gupta demanded of the 6’4″ rock god. But, the inside source alleges it’s not all happy-happy in their love nest anymore and it appears to be over.

Gupta already jumped in and says our Metal Sludge report is “old news” (see her tweet below)


Bachbreakin_cafeB.jpgSebastian Bach and Minnie Gupta during happier times

The source also claims some events are unfolding back in New Jersey for the former rocking resident and his ex wife Maria.

Stay tuned….


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