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Bret Michaels gets emotional during visit to Pilger Nebraska and helps tornado victims in time of need. >Video




Bret Michaels Band stops by Pilger Nebraska to help tornado victims rebuild and recover


Pilger, Neb. (KMTV) – Reality in Pilger is now large machinery and dust where children once played in back yards. But there are smiles hidden among the tragedy from last Monday’s EF4 tornado that wiped out 80% of the village. Laughter brought by a rock star.

“You see such great people and it rips your heart out,” said former Poison frontman Bret Michaels. In between tour dates, he and his crew put down their microphones and instruments to get a little dirty.

“The devastation here is incredible. I’m pretty emotional to get to see something like this,” he said.

After touring the village, Michaels and his crew focused on the hardest hit area of the village.

Devastating, shocked. Jeff and I are from Omaha so it’s close. I knew about it when it happened from family and friends that are around here, but to actually see it first hand is unbelievable,” said his crew members.

They lifted heavy equipment and cleaned debris. Pilger resident Susan Meyer said, “I probably don’t know any of them, and it makes me feel grateful.”

It’s a giant task these homeowners could not have done alone. “When you see it on t.v. it’s one thing,” Michaels said. “When you get here and see how it effects lives and how strong these people are, so we’re glad to be here.”

Michaels has two sisters who live in Omaha. He left the village Monday afternoon when many of the other volunteers left, and promised to make a donation to help the efforts.

Those who want to help clean the village are asked to come to Pilger between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

County leaders met with residents for the first time Monday morning. They said they are lifting the curfew and allowing people to stay if their homes were not destroyed.


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