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BRITNY FAUX … Britny Fox is back with Billy Childs, but their Official Facebook page warns fans: “You Are Getting Billy’s Version (COVERBAND)”

Britny Fox classic era lineup

Metal Sludge — It seems there is a bit of drama in the Britny Fox camp after the recent announcement that the group will be appearing at the annual M3 Rock Festival on May 6th 2023.

The band’s classic lineup of ‘Dizzy’ Dean Davidson (vocals / guitars), Michael Kelly-Smith (lead guitar), Billy Childs (bass) and Johnny Dee (drums) have not performed together since the spring of 1990 when they played their final show at “The Living Room” in Providence Rhode Island.

And as most die-hard 80’s fans know, the calls for a classic-era reunion of the members that made Britny Fox famous in the late 80’s have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

The group brought in Tommy Paris with the departure of Davidson and released their 3rd album “Bite Down Hard” via Atlantic Records in 1991 but disbanded soon after in 1992.

Britny Fox re-emerged a few times, each for a brief period including short runs in 2000-2003, 2006-2008 and again in 2015-2016 all according to their Wikipedia.

All of those lineups featured Childs as the key classic era member and at various points Paris and Dee were also on-board with the lead guitar slot being filled by Chris Sanders except during the first ‘reunion’ in 2000 which also included Kelly-Smith.

The newest lineup that is set to take the stage at M3 next spring, once again features Childs, with (Hank) Henry Nowak, Greg Polcari and Ronnie Rodgers filling in on vocals, guitars and drums.

Now since the M3 announcement, the band’s official Facebook page have posted a message that is telling fans in short, you are getting Billy‘s cover-band.

Read the message pasted and shared below.



Attention Britny Fox Fans,

With the recent release of the 2023 M3 Festival Lineup, there seems to be some confusion Once Again, We regret to inform you, the BRITNY FOX Lineup Is NOT the Original Lineup as 2017 (Tommy, Johnny, Billy, Chris) And It is NOT a Reunion with Dean Davidson, Michael Kelly Smith, Johnny Dee, & Billy Childs.

So, With That Being Said, TO CLEAR UP ANY CONFUSION Please Be AWARE What You Are Getting, You Are NOT GETTING THE REAL BRITNY FOX. You Are Getting Billy’s Version (COVERBAND)

The Lineup For The M3 Festival for 2023 Consists of:


Sorry To Be The Bearer Of Bad News, Unfortunately, Billy Decided To Do His Own Thing Without The Others..

Thank You,

-Rob (Admin) 🤘🦊🍏🐍

As to whether or not the other classic members were ever considered or had interest to take part in the latest re-do of Britny Fox, well that is anyone’s guess at this point.

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