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BRUTAL … Faster Pussycat’s Chad Stewart details his ugly Coronavirus Experience on Riki’s RRR Podcast

Riki Rachtman and Chad Stewart of Faster Pusycat

Metal Sludge — In a brand new episode of the RRR Podcast with host Riki Rachtman, guest Chad Stewart of Faster Pussycat details his experience with Coronavirus.

Rachtman talks in depth with Stewart, about what happened, when, how it developed, got worse and ended with the drummer being hospitalized for nearly a week.

Stewart says that on March 9th 2020 he was feeling sick and went to his Doctor.

The Doctor told him: “Don’t worry about it (Coronavirus) it’s just a sinus infection.”

At which point the Doctor gave Stewart a shot of antibiotics, cortisone and sent him home.

Then on Friday March 13th, Faster Pussycat was in studio cutting some tracks and Stewart said: “I was feeling better.”

However, the following day he details waking up on Saturday the 14th, and was feeling worse, and he thought to himself: “Maybe I over did it in the studio?”

Stewart says he went back to his Doctor on the 14th, and the Doctor said keep taking your antibiotics.

By Tuesday March 17th Stewart says he woke up with a fever, having severe chills and felt like he had something much more serious than a sinus infection.

Then on Wednesday morning (March 18th) he went to the emergency room at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Stewart says “They took a chest x-ray… and of the 12 people there, in the waiting room, I was the only one they admitted.”

Stewart then adds: “The minute that Cedars admitted me, I was sent to quarantine.”

“I got sick, and then it got worse. But as soon as it got bad, bad… I went to the emergency room like you should do. I didn’t get scared until they admitted me, and the second day (evening) I woke up and all the alarms were going off, and my fever was at 105. They had 3 nurses in there, they were trying to get my fever down, that was brutal.” says Stewart

Stewart goes onto say: “I was on IV’s immediately, to try to get fluid in me. They had me on antiobiotics. It was like (having) Stage 3 Pneumonia.”

“It felt like you were melting and freezing at the same time” says Stewart of having a temperature of 105 degrees and “That was scary”.

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