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CASH ME OUTSIDE … Bobbie Brown talks about the bad blood with Warrant


Bobbie Brown talks about the bad blood with Warrant: “I’m not allowed anywhere near them”



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This week our old friend Model, Reality Star, Author, Video Vixen…… Bobbie Brown returns

metalbabe_block_150_1Bobbie discussed…….

**If she is still interested in trying to do stand-up

**How often does she or the girls say, this would be a great moment for the show (Ex-Wives of Rock)

**If she still continues to write for a 2nd book, even though no deal is in place

**If she ever gets tired of people mentioning Cherry Pie to her

**Recent Social media fight with Jerry Dixon’s wife

**Comment about Robert Mason’s recent statement, that he had Jani Lane’s blessing

**How is her relationship with the remaining members of Warrant

**All this and tons more, as Bobbie hangs out for over 35 mins!!!

You can listen to the full interview below.


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