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Cheap Thrill featuring Eric Brittingham, Jeff LaBar (Cinderella) & Troy Patrick Farrell announce European Tour Dates Spring 2014.





Cheap Thrill featuring Jeff LaBar & Eric Brittingham (Cinderella) announce European Tour Dates Spring 2014

CINDERELLA bassist Eric Brittingham and guitarist Jeff LaBar have joined forces with vocalist/guitarist Brandon Gibbs (formerly of THE GIBBS BROTHERS) and drummer Troy Patrick Farrell (WHITE LION, GILBY CLARKE) in a new band called CHEAP THRILL. They have announced tour dates for the US, UK and Europe; their schedule can be viewed below:


13 – Tempe, AZ – Club Red
14 – Chino Hills, CA – Shamrocks
15 – Las Vegas, NV – Count’s Vamp’d
29 – Miami/Bahamas – Monsters Of Rock Cruise (to April 2nd)

2-7 – Miami/Bahamas/Turks/Caicos – Moody Blues Cruise
7-12 – Miami/Cozumel/Honduras – Cruise To The Edge
17 – Ballymena, Ireland – Diamond Rock Club
18 – Edinburgh, Scotland – Bannermans
19 – Wakefield, UK – Warehouse
20 – London, UK – Underworld
22 – Grimsby, UK – Yardbirds
23 – Sutton In Ashfield, UK – The Diamond
25 – Uster, Switzerland – Starclub
26 – Den Helder, The Netherlands – Rock Cafe de Engel
27 – Tilburg, The Netherlands – Sextase
28 – Hamburg, Germany – Rock Cafe de St Pauli
30 – Gjerdum, Norway – Kulturhus

1 – Drammen, Norway – Buddy Scene
2 – Bryne, Norway – Bryne Molle
3 – Notodden, Norway – Amo Musikbar
7 – Gijon, Spain – Acapulco
8 – Madrid, Spain – We Rock
9 – Burlata, Spain – Casa Cultura
10 – Burgos, Spain – Studio 27
11 – Barcelona, Spain – Razzmatazz 3

Cheap Thrill brings you a sound flavored with Cinderella tunes such as ‘Nobody’s Fool’, ‘Heartbreak Station’ and ‘Hello Or Goodbye’ from LaBar’s soon-to-be-released CD, along with the newest song from Brandon’s solo record, ‘This Town’, which is currently featured on ESPN 2 for the NHRA season. This show is littered with popular covers and stadium rock songs.

When Cinderella isn’t touring, Gibbs and Brittingham have always found themselves working together off and on over the last five years. With the recent addition of LaBar, the Nashville-based group Cheap Thrill made its debut on the Monsters Of Rock cruise this past March, with two more rock and roll cruises immediately following.

Brittingham and LaBar are pumped about Cheap Thrill and the opportunity to work together again and alongside Gibbs.

“Being able to transition from a three-piece acoustic show to a full band keeps the project fun and versatile,” says Brittingham. “It’s all about the music,” adds Gibbs. “We have fine-tuned a product that will appeal to audiences of all ages.”

In a recent interview with RockMusicStar, LaBar stated about Cheap Thrill: “Brandon Gibb has been doing this for years with his brother. And Eric got involved with them a couple years ago and played bass for them, and they played as a trio. And Brandon called me about two months ago about joining up with them. He told me to learn three songs and we rehearsed a couple of times, and ever since we’ve been off to the races. We started out a few weeks ago in Florida; we played one acoustic set and then an electric set.”

“We perform a few acoustic versions of Cinderella songs. It also has a bit of a modern music influence, because Brandon is a bit younger than Eric and me.

“When I joined this project, there was already a set list. So, there are songs from the ’90s and 2000s, as the set list covers all decades. Since I joined, I brought in some songs that I enjoy singing, like some ’70s songs such as PINK FLOYD and THE FACES. And the Cinderella songs that we do, have a bit of a country feel to them. But overall, Brandon also does his owns songs, we do some of my original songs, some Cinderella songs and some cool versions of some classic songs.”

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