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Chuck Wright on Rudy Sarzo coming home: “I’ve supported Quiet Riot for 40 years and will continue to do so.”


Metal Sludge — In a brand new statement sent to Metal Sludge, Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright speaks out on the recent Rudy Sarzo news.

Wright reached out to Metal Sludge through a source close to him who has sent us the following:


With the loss of Frankie, the Banali estate (who controls the Quiet Riot brand) felt it was in the band’s best interest to inject “new news” to help with band bookings in 2022. Bringing Rudy back was really one of the only options available.

Chuck did NOT quit the band. This is the third time Chuck has been asked to step aside for Rudy.

Chuck has spent 21 years off-and-on with Quiet Riot, playing bass and singing on nine of the band’s albums including the mega Metal Health hit “Bang Your Head”. 

Chuck will continue to play with Quiet Riot through the end of the year. He has an incredible solo album coming featuring over 20 guest performers from bands including Mr. Big, Skid Row, Tesla, Dream Theater, Asia, Jefferson Starship, and others.” In addition, Chuck will continue his efforts with Ultimate Jam Night the long-time residency at the legendary Whisky A Go Go.


Wright himself has also added his own thoughts which we are sharing below.

“I’ve supported Quiet Riot for 40 years and will continue to do so. I’ll be finishing out 2021 with them and will bring 110% as I always do. Over the past 18 months I’ve just been concentrating on composing and recording. I plan to release a very diverse solo album featuring over 20 guest performers from bands including Mr. Big, Skid Row, Tesla, Dream Theater, Asia, Jefferson Starship, and others. I’ll also be continuing to keep Rock-n-Roll alive in Hollywood with Ultimate Jam Night, my long-time residency event at the legendary Whisky A Go Go. “

As was first reported right here on Metal Sludge last week July 29th, classic era bassist Rudy Sarzo is returning to Quiet Riot.

Sarzo made an official statement about this earlier in the week on the Eddie Trunk radio show on Hair Nation.



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