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CLASSIC SLUDGE … Tommy Lee playa hates us with a 2-word email (2001)


Tommy Lee playa hates us with a 2-word email (2001)


In our continued celebration of  Twenty Years (1998-2018) at Metal Sludge we bring you some Thug Love.

Earlier in the week we ran our original 20 Questions with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee from 1999.

So a few years had passed so we thought we’d dig in and see if T-Boner was down to do our REWIND interview.

The content below, is the exact published article from March 31st 2001. We’ve also used the exact photo (see above) and caption we added that day and we even included his personal email addy at the time, we were so gangsta.

Once again, thanks for the support over two miserable decades….and counting.


Recently, somebody sent Tommy Lee a Word Association (how original) and they posted Tommy’s answers on the Motley Crue Shout board. When the person mentioned our name, Tommy said:

Metal Sludge: STUPID

Stupid? Now considering Tommy speaks in Ebonics, we weren’t sure if that meant we were STUPID as in lame, or maybe STUPID as in Hip & Cool! Fuck, we’re not up on our street slang like T-Bone the true ghetto thug is, and after watching his Crib episode, we had no fucking idea what he was saying 99% of the time.

Wildside_block_Banner_Small“This room is off!”

“This room is on!”

No, light switches go “on” and “off,” not fucking rooms.

“This room is tight!”

metalbabe_block_150_1Unless the room is 2 feet wide, it’s not tight.

Learn English.

But anyway, since we didn’t quite know what Tommy’s dealio was, we had a homie of ours (who wishes to remain on the down-low) who frequently talks to Tommy to axe him if he wanted to do a Rewind with us. This was Tommy’s reply.

From: “TOMMY LEE” <>
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 5:06 PM
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Tommy]

>Tommy, I got this from today. They would like you to contact them for a rewind.<






So he’s saying we have a chance…..

It’s good to see those anger management classes really helped Tommy!

Yo, Snoop Tommy Tom, why do you have to be such a hater? Why you dissin? How can you say, “One Love” yet be so hostile towards us, fool? Why you trippin? Why you all up in our grill, motherfucka?

Remember, it’s all good!

Now had this been anyone else who spoke negatively of us, we may have been a little pissed. But since Tommy is such a goof, we find it entertaining and enjoy it. Metal Sludge now joins the ranks of Pamela Anderson, Vince Neil, some photographers, and numerous others who have been told off by Tommy Lee. We’re in good company! It’s an indication that we are doing our job and while Tommy has a big dick, he can’t hang.

Weiss_Rock_Scene_Sky_160_Oct_2017_1We did have Tommy’s Rewind ready to go, so here are a few of the questions we wanted to axe him.

5. Please give us YOUR definitions of the following words: 
Tight = 
On = 
Off = 
Phat = 
Peep = 
Dope = 
Fly = 
Mawfugger = 
G = 
Playa Hata = 
High Rolla = 
Dissin =

6. Why wasn’t the record company “feeling” T-Lo?

8. Are you allowed to drink again, or is that still off limits?

11. Do you enjoy the fact that Motley’s first album without you was their least successful ever?

12. How long does it typically take for you to get tired of fucking a chick and then move onto a new piece of ass?

14. When you watched your MTV Cribs episode, did you actually think that was cool?

16. When was the last time the boys in blue ran up on your crew?

17. Which do you prefer: 
Easy E or Ice Cube = 
Warrant or Poison = 
Vince Neil 1984 or Vince Neil 2000 = 
Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera = 
Insane Clown Posse or Eminem = 
Papa Roach or Iron Maiden = 
A guy who runs a toll booth or the clean up guy at a peep show = 
Baywatch or VIP = 
Metal Edge or Source =

18. How long before you rejoin Motley Crue?

19. You are almost 40, a multi-millionaire, toured the world, didn’t grow up in the hood, and have fucked some of the hottest women on the planet. What are you so angry about?

Those are just a few of them, but T-Bone is too much a Hater to answer them. 🙁

One Sludge Love,

bastard boy floyd & Jani Bon Neil

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