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CRAB VS: RATT … John Corabi doesn’t think Blotzer deserves Ratt name, recalls the band’s dysfunction



John Corabi doesn’t think Bobby Blotzer deserves Ratt name, recalls the band’s dysfunctional ways

Blabbermouth —  Former MÖTLEY CRÜE and current THE DEAD DAISIES singer John Corabi who had a seven-year stint (2001-2008) as the rhythm guitarist in RATT, has once again commented on the ongoing legal battle between drummer Bobby Blotzer and other members of RATT‘s classic lineup — singer Stephen Pearcy, bassist Juan Croucier and guitarist Warren DeMartini — over the rights to the group’s name.

John_Corabi_Ratt_1Speaking to music writer Joel Gausten, Corabi said: “Listen, I love Warren and Stephen. I’ve never really worked with Juan and Carlos [Cavazo, current RATT guitarist] before, but I worked with Warren, Stephen and Bobby. Each one of those guys is his own animal. I love them to death, but you’ve got to kind of figure out how to play each one of them or know how to communicate with each one.”

He continued: “Honestly, as much as I love those guys, they’ve always been dysfunctional — always. If Warren would say to Bobby, ‘Hey, the song is too fast,’ Bobby would say, ‘Go fuck yourself! I’ve been playing it this way for 25 years; I know what I’m talking about.’

“If I can be frank, the minute they got their record deal with Roadrunner [for 2010’s ‘Infestation’ album] — and you can ask [former RATT bassist] Robbie Crane or anybody who was involved with the band — and said, ‘Hey, we’re doing a record! We signed the deal; it’s on,’ I told them I quit! [Laughs] [I said], ‘I can’t get through a fucking rehearsal with you guys, let alone eight months writing and recording. No!’ I can’t picture doing it. It would be like performing brain surgery on yourself through your asshole. I just said I wasn’t interested.”

Corabi added: “I don’t know; I don’t see any settling [of] that whole debate. I don’t think that Bobby deserves the name; if anything, it does belong more to Warren, Stephen and Juan — at least they’ve got more original members than Blotzer‘s take… Until they figure out how to talk to each other reasonably, I don’t see any bright future for that thing at all.”

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