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Sweden's glam sensations Crashdiet re-release limited edition digipack "Illegal Rarities Volume 1" of original first ever demo




Sweden’s glam sensations Crashdiet re-release limited edition digipack “Illegal Rarities Volume 1” of original first ever demo


Sweden — Greetings fans! We have sort of an illegal announcement to make: Since it’s been around 10 years ago we recorded our first demo, we decided to re-release it (on our own) on limited edition digipack CD. Martin Sweet has revisited the old original Cubase projects recorded in his home with Dave, Peter & Eric in Hallonbergen, Stockholm back in 2003. With enhanced sound and 3 bonus tracks, not included on the original demo, we wish bring you back to a time where we were young and destroyed… 🙂

These tracks have been hiding in the Crashdiet vaults for over 10 years – finally they have once again resurfaced!

This release is limited to 999 copies and it’s only available right here at our own ONLINE STORE

Sonically enhanced by Martin Sweet.

1. Gimme what I need
2. Queen obscene
3. We play it, you scream it
4. Miss pain
5. California white
6. Get ready for tonite (bonus)
7. Within the sleaze (bonus)
8. Too hot to stop (bonus)

Your CD will be shipped on Friday the 28th of February.

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