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CRUSH THIS! Metal Sludge goes inside the world of Chris Crush and his band Permacrush




METAL SLUDGE 10 QUESTIONS: Getting personal with singer Chris Crush from buzz band Permacrush


Gerry_Gittelson_GG_Signature_1LOS ANGELES — Permacrush, a California band that has caught on with a hot rock and roll youtube video “Baby,” is doing things the old-fashioned way, trying to work their way up the ladder — and maybe to stardom — by playing the Sunset Strip, particularly the Whisky, where they’ve steadily built a following.

The key player is Chris Crush, a blond singer with showmanship skills and a knack for writing catchy songs.

In this Metal Sludge story, Crush attacks our official 10 questions with zest and vigor, and the San Diego man even manages to throw a little Sludge around — which is always commendable for a band still trying to scratch their way from the bottom!


METAL SLUDGE: What is Permacrush currently up to? Here is your big chance to plug your stuff.

CHRIS CRUSH: What’s up, Gerry G.!!! Permacrush is currently enjoying the success of our new single, “Baby.” The video has over 110,000 views on Youtube and it’s getting good responses. It has been picked up by a few internet radio shows, and we have been busy promoting it. We are also in the studio making an EP of cover songs. All bands that have played the Sunset Strip and The Whisky a Go Go. The first song is “Little Guitars” by Van Halen, and I think a Motley Crue song is up next.

But our biggest news is that we are working with 7-time Grammy winner – producer/mixer Steve Thompson. Steve is best known for his work on G’N’R’s “Appetite for Destruction,” Metallica’s “And Justice For All” and Tesla’s “Great Radio Controversy.” It’s a sweet opportunity we got through Thom Hazaert (great dude) and we are really excited to start work on this one before the end of the year.

Chris_Crush_Aug_2017_1MS: You’re a blond surfer dude from San Diego. Do you idolize Jeff Spicoli?

“Dude! That was my skull!” Fuck yes, I idolize Spicoli. It’s always been my dream to have Van Halen play my Birthday party and that dude did it. Living the dream. LOL Although I prefer to watch and photograph the surfers more than I like to surf anymore. I had an accident when I was younger. Face-planted on the ocean floor. Knocked all my front bottom teeth loose. Straightened them myself. I also have a HUGE fear of sharks. So..

MS: Your band has supported some big acts. Who treated you well, and who did not?

Stephen Pearcy has always been cool to me. I have nothing bad to say about the guy. We have opened for him twice at The Whisky and I work with his guitar player Erik Ferentinos. I go to their shows when I’m not playing if I can make it. Always a good time. Jack Russell (Great White) was cool. Joe Leste (Bang Tango) hung out and was a good dude. Phil Lewis (LA GUNS) has been cool to me when I approached him. Another guy who shall remain nameless, was cool when I met him backstage but was a dick when he was taking the stage. So I know to catch him after the show. I usually try to not bother the bands I work with but sometimes I am a fanboy too.

I had a difficult night with Don Dokken at The Whisky. It was a solo acoustic show. He is really the only one who I felt went out of his way to be rude. He insulted the people who worked for him and the audience who paid to see him. He locked the other supporting bands out of the dressing rooms. I just thought it was a dick move. Those people helped promote and support the event. (That goes for all headlining bands at the Whisky who shut down dressing rooms for supporting bands. HELLO! EGO much?) That’s all… He had been drinking and I blame some of it on the booze. I love the guy’s music and have been a fan for years. But he should learn the value of saying something nice to people.

Chris_Crush_QR_Aug_2017_1MS: Your thoughts on pot now being legal in California?

The medical marijuana is another reason I moved to California. I pretty much grew pot my whole life in Indiana. There you live with the fear that at any time they COULD come in and take it and send you into the legal system.

MS: How hot are Socal girls compared to the rest of the world?

The Beach Boys wrote the song, and Diamond Dave  covered it for a reason. Women come from all over the world to live here and attempt to be models or actresses. We know they don’t all make it, but it’s fun to look at! Yes. No complaints. I hear they dig the bad boys…

MS: List 3 reasons why a 21-year-old should join a band?

I wouldn’t really recommend it these days. it’s rough. Unless you have a lot of money or come from a family that has a lot of money, expect to struggle. But here it goes. Many talentless hacks buy their way into this business. Just a heads up. THEY DO NOT LAST. Three reasons:

  1. You learn how to play an instrument. You take that with you for life.
  1. Friends. Musicians are eccentric people who say and do silly shit. You will be amused and they will keep you young.
  1. Women/Fame/Attention. You don’t do this to sit in your bedroom and play songs to yourself. Write some songs. Perfect those songs. Have your band perfect those songs. Deliver those songs with unbridled authority. The rest will come…

Chris_Crush_Aug_2017_2MS: Do you follow Donald Trump’s tweets?

No. I’m not on twitter much. I try to stay out of Politics after the last election. It really divided people and I lost some fans. Speaking your mind isn’t for everyone. Not everyone can handle YOUR truth. I’m still a proud AMERICAN and I really hoped the guy would succeed when he got the job. it’s a rough job.

MS: What do you think Axl Rose would think of your band?

I’m pretty sure he already loves the band.(laughs) Good question. He is a large influence on what I do. I would hope he would have a mutual respect since we both come from Indiana, and doing anything successful in this business is hard. I think there are some tunes he could appreciate, because I’d like to think they are crafted well. I hope I get the chance to ask him what he thinks – someday.

MS: Do you think that being featured in Metal Sludge will increase your chances with Permacrush groupies?

These questions. ha. I think you will have to ask them that. I don’t usually kiss and tell. Unless they have really special talents. Almost famous… I’ll get back to you on this.

MS: And finally, anything to add?

We will be returning to “The Whisky a Go Go” Nov. 18th as support for Quiet Riot. It will be our 11th show there and probably a huge sold-out party. My current band lineup is: Alex Tuccio on Drums. Alex also plays in a Punk Band, Metamorphosis. Check them out if you can.

Brett Baugh on Lead Guitar. Brett is a veteran of the San Diego music scene and a badass guitar player. Happy to have him in the band. Tony Tonite on Bass Guitar. Tony is a great pro bass player and true showman. I’m happy to say, we are a solid Rock Band and kicking some ass right now.

Hit us up/like/follow on Facebook or Instagram if you want show tickets or merch from us. I usually sign the tickets and send some stickers too. EXTRAS! Keep Rocking our videos on Youtube and find our whole catalog at Thanks Gerry!

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