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Death metallers BLOODSOAKED cover 80's hairband songs by RATT and CINDERELLA



Death metallers BLOODSOAKED cover 80’s hairband songs by RATT & CINDERELLA


North Carolina — Who has the new Bloodsoaked release? That’s what we thought. But if you don’t have it yet – maybe you should reconsider. Especially if you like Ratt or Cinderella.

It appears these true death metal monsters love 80’s hairbands. The band has covered “You’re In Love” by Ratt and “Shake Me” by Cinderella for their latest release “Religious Apocalypse.”

Bloodsoaked is an American death metal band from North Carolina. Formed in 2006 by Peter Hasselbrack as a one-man project, Bloodsoaked is known for a style of death metal strongly inspired by the originators of the style, such as DeathCannibal CorpseObituaryDeicideSepultura and Morbid Angel.

Metal Sludge is disappointed that Poison and Danger Danger are not listed as influences but regardless, we’re still gonna give them props.



  1. Devouring
  2. Abomination
  3. Religious Apocalypse
  4. Shake Me (Cinderella Cover)
  5. You’re In Love (Ratt Cover)
  6. Suicide (Live)
  7. No God (Live)
  8. Infestation (Live)
  9. Grinding Your Guts (Live)

Check out Bloodsoaked below doing some Ratt and Cinderella.

Bloodsoaked @ WebSite 

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