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DUCK … Sebastian Bach wildly swings his microphone and has a very oops moment with guitarist Brent Woods live on stage >Video<

Sebastian Bach reacts after a swinging microphone mishap with guitarist Brent Woods live on stage!

Hey, are you okay buddy?”Sebastian Bach to Brent Woods after microphone mishap

Metal Sludge Sebastian Bach nearly takes off his lead guitarist’s head during a recent performance but luckily he missed.

Bach, 55, was finishing “Piece of Me” over the weekend, and while swinging his micrcophone the former Skid Row screamer nearly hits his lead guitarist Brent Woods.

Woods turns towards the drummer to end the song and his guitar headstock deflects the incoming mic just before it connected with his body or head.

Watch the fan filmed video below at the .10 second mark and you can not only see it, but hear the microphone thud through the P.A. system.

The crowd simultaneously reacts and Bach himself realizes it too, then quickly asks Woods: “Hey, are you okay buddy?”

Bach adds: “That was all part of the show, I meant to do that. Just don’t f#@king sue me” as the crowd giggles.

Woods seemingly un-phased heads back to his amps and quickly tunes up his axe.

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Sebastian Bach clips his lead guitarist Brent Woods on his guitar headstock while swinging the microphone



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