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E-FIGHT … Sebastian Bach challenges Falling In Reverse singer: “Can’t Wait To Meet You In Person. Name The Time And The Place And I Will Introduce You To Rock And Roll In Person”

Sebastian Bach and Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse

Metal Sludge — Can you imagine a world where you are on Twitter at all hours of the day arguing with someone you’ve never met and then challenging them to (a fight) meet in person?

I can’t either… but one person can and his name is Sebastian Bach.

In a series of weekend tweets, Bach gets into it with Falling In Reverse singer Ronnie Radke who was battling with the man most known for throwing a bottle into a teenage girl’s face.

Bach is also known for being the once championed front-man of the band Skid Row but they fired him from the group over 25 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

Radke commented on some Tweets from Bach that were mocking his group Falling In Reverse and their recent ‘lost lap-tops’ story that made headlines around the industry including Blabbermouth.

We’re not sure where the initial argument started, but at some point Radke unloaded on Bach with a few choice words writing in part: “You have an entire generation that once admired you until your dumb-ass disrespected all of them.”

Radke tagged Eddie Trunk as well in some of his replies, and seemingly refereed to both Bach and Trunk as idiots.

Bach then chose to reply calling Radke a “dummy“.

It’s pretty much school yard name-calling at this point.

The funny part is, per his usual output, Bach talks a bunch of crazy nonsense, and then a few hours later deletes everything he posted earlier.

Such is the case with much of this exchange and his tweets to challenge Radke to meet in person.

Upon a quick google search, it appears that maybe Radke isn’t someone Bach should be challenging to meet up in person either.

Wikipedia writes: Radke rose to popularity as the lead singer for post-hardcore band Escape the Fate, but was kicked out in 2008 after being sentenced to prison for violating probation related to his involvement in a 2006 killing. After his release, Radke started a new band, Falling in Reverse, and became its lead singer.”

It appears Radke has done prison time (2.5 years) and based on his photos, maybe Bach picked the wrong guy to challenge to a fight.

The exchanges between these 2 have went on for a few days now and it seems to be still going strong.

Bach has also per usual thrown in some of his… ‘Look at what I did’ posts writing: “I played the LA Forum last week, kills u doesn’t it” with 3 smiling emojis.

Radke was quick to respond with: “That was a Taylor Hawkins tribute show, Taylor Hawkins drew the crowd. Are you taking credit for him now too?”

Radke at one point tweets: “I will ride for you so heavy, I’m a loyal friend. and an even worse enemy.”

Feel free to go check out their Twitter accounts (Bach / Radke) and see it first hand.

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