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ELDERLY GONE WILD … Sebastian Bach believes being in your 50s is Elderly, Demands Vaccine: “Give Me The F****** Shot!”


Metal Sludge Sebastian Bach recently went on a Twitter rant about being in his 50s and demanding he get the Covid shot.

Bach pleading on Twitter: “Can anybody in California hook me up with this shot? I have offers to travel and sing and I’m not doing either until I get the shot. I’m an old man don’t I qualify holy moly get me the f*** out of this house.”

One fan tweeted to the singer telling him to wait his turn like the rest of us.

Bach replies: “I’m not trying to cut in line. I have to travel to do my work so I can’t work until I get this. Not trying to be a dick I’m trying to put food on my kids table for dinner.”

The former Skid Row frontman feels he needs the shot to help provide for his family.

That’s ironic, as it’s safe to assume the rest of us in America and around the globe would like to do the same.

A different fan tweets: “Being in your 50’s is not elderly.”

Bach then replied with: “Being in your fifties is not elderly? Wish somebody told my dad that who died at the age of 57. Wish somebody told my grandpa that who died at the age of 57. I will be 53 next month give me the f****** shot.”

Oddly, Bach will not be 53 next month, since his birthday is in April and it’s only February.

Bach like many other musicians has taken to social media to share news, sell merchandise and his unique videos to fans through the popular Cameo app.

According to a quick Google search, it appears the popular age most consider to be Elderly is 65, and sometimes as high as 70.

To read more from Sebastian Bach about politics, global warming and various other non rock n’ roll subjects, follow him at and

Happy 2021 everyone.



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