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MORE LUBE PLEEZE! Enuff Z'Nuff debut new video for Billy Squire cover of "The Stroke" and it's a hit



Enuff Z’Nuff debut new video for their cover of Billy Squier’s “The Stroke”


Chicago — A full 30  years after the band’s name first hit flyers in the 312 the band Enuff Z’Nuff is still putting out music, performing live and making videos.

The most recent release is the 14th by the windy city heroes of hair and is titled “Covered in Gold” (Deadline Cleopatra Records).

This time the band has issued a record of (mostly) covers and tackles every thing from Queen to The Cult and even Nirvana. The very band which many would attribute to ending the 80’s and glam scene single-handedly. Also the band covers David Lee Roth, Prince and of course they throw in The Beatles. But the stand out is their cover of “The Stroke” by Billy Squire.

Billy Squire seems to be an odd choice but for what it’s worth, it’s a hit. It truly is. In just 72 hours on youtube the clip is nearing 25,000 views.

If you wanna compare hairband hits in recent times, Faster Pussycat’s ‘Bassist hits face off drum riser’ clip currently has 109,000 views and that’s already 8 months old.

The new video features just 1 of the original line up in Chip Z’Nuff. The band’s career long bassist and a chief song writer leads the way in this youtube hit surrounded by only gorgeous girls as his back up band.

Z’Nuff himself oddly assumes lead vocal responsibilities which is a ear change as you usually expect to hear Vie or Johnny Monaco. But after the first listen you find yourself wanting to rewind and watch again.

The rehearsal studio setting features 3 blonds and 2 brunettes. The simple set up shows off 2 of the girls dancing around and the others playing guitar, bass and drums.

The clip has a guest star in Jesse Camp (former MTV Vj) who plays host and introduces the band as they enter the shot

Their version of “The Stroke” is similar to the “Garden of Eden” clip made famous by Guns N’ Roses with the 1 camera continuous shot. There are no edits.

Z’Nuff is charismatic as ever and it’s not hard to like Chip in this video.  Matter of fact, just throw like out the window and bring on the love. It’s virtually impossible to not be infected by Z’Nuff’s friendly smile.

We implore you to watch this, share it and bring on the lube as it appears Enuff Z’Nuff will be stroking this one all the way to the bathroom for clean up.


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Track list for “Covered in Gold”

01. Everything Works If You Let It
02. Stone Cold Crazy
03. She Sells Sanctuary
04. All Apologies
05. Believe It Or Not
06. The Jean Genie
07. Run For Your Life
08. When Doves Cry
09. Tears Of A Clown
10. The Stroke
11. Yankee Rose
12. Jealous Guy
13. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (live on Howard Stern)
14. New Thing (live unplugged in London)

Stay tuned for more from Enuff Z’Nuff and Chip Z’Nuff the God Father of all that is Chicago rock.

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