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ROCK N’ ROLL 101 … Listen to Erik Turner of Warrant talk in depth with Dean Delray on Let There Be Talk



Erik Turner of Warrant talks in depth with Dean Delray on Let There Be Talk podcast


Let There Be Talk —  On today’s episode of LET THERE BE TALK Erik Turner lead guitarist for the 80’s Rock n Roll band Warrant stops by and talks about Hollywood in the 80’s,Record Deals,Red Wine and or course Cherry Pie. Erik and the band Warrant have a brand new record out called Louder Harder Faster available right now on iTunes and they will be touring all summer in the US. Do not miss this episode. Brought to you by ElCajon Harley


Dean Delray talks in depth with Erik Turner of Warrant about a ton of subjects from the past, some of what they touch on is noted below.

* Dean divulges he owned the name Warrant, and sold it to the band in 1988 for $ 10,000.00
* Dean talks about running into Jani Lane at a Vegas airport at 5:00am in the 2000’s
* Erik talks about joining the guys when he was 19, everyone else was 16
* Erik talks about how their singer quit, and how they sought out Jani Lane from the band Plane Jane
* Dean talks about the Sunset Strip and Erik chimes in
* Erik & Dean talk about both being at the 1983 US Festival
* Erik talks about the first ever song that Jani brought to the band
* Erik talks about getting a phone call from Kiss bassist Gene Simmons
* Erik talks about how Jani came up with a formula to share his publishing with the band
* Erik talks about how Alice In Chains got signed to Columbia after they opened for Warrant
* Erik talks about their first tours opening for D’Molls and Britny Fox
* Erik goes into some pretty amazing details about Jani quitting the band, a domino effect of lawsuits and divorces that followed
* Erik talks about answering an ad to auditon for Megadeth and going to meet Dave Mustaine
* Erik talks about Joey Allen jamming with Lars Ulrich in one of his early era projects
* Erik also talks about jamming with Izzy Stradlin when Izzy played drums
* And so much much more

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