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EVER GIVEN A MAN A BJ? … Tommy Lee “Umm… (pause) Let’s just File that Under Experimentation / Boredom”

Tommy Lee and wife Brittany Furlan on Your Mom’s House Podcast

Metal Sludge — In a new episode of Your Mom’s House Podcast Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and wife Brittany Furlan are featured guests.

The talk quickly turns to dick size and goes in depth about sex.

Lee and Furlan talk about the drummer’s past sexual romps.

Furlan rattles off past partners like Singer Pink, Porn Star Jenna Jameson, Model Naomi Campbell.

There is talk of all the things Lee has done (sexually), and then what he hasn’t done.

Lee: “I’ve never fucked a midget.”

Furlan adds: “Or a transexual.”

Lee: “Or a chick with a dick.”

Furlan: “You’ve fucked every race.”

Lee: “Or just a straight up butt-fuck.”

Furlan: “Or a dude.”

Lee: “Some guy.”

The interviewer then asks Lee: “You’ve never done with a dude… anything?”

Lee: “Well, not fucking.”

Interviewer: “Blowjobs? Have you given or received one from a man?”

Lee: “(Laughing) here she goes. I knew we were going to go here.”

Interviewer: “What? I am generally curious…”

Lee then pauses: “Umm… ” (everyone starts laughing)

Looking a bit uncomfortable Lee is laughing too, clearly at his own expense..

Brittany is cracking up as well at how her husband seems tongue tied.

Interviewer: “Okay, that’s a yes obviously, so what’s the story?”

Lee: “There is no story. Let’s just call, let’s just file that under experimentation.”

Interviewer: “Okay, sure, everyone, of course….”

Lee: “Experimention, slash boredom.”

Interviewer: “Of course, who hasn’t, you’re a rock star.”

At about the 1 hour 15 minute mark of the clip below, it gets good.

To hear the Your mom’s House Podcast, listen below.



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