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EXCLUSIVE … Steevi Jaimz former TigerTailz Singer is Recovering after Suffering Massive Stroke 2 Days before Christmas

Steevi Jamiz

Metal Sludge — We are saddened to learn that legendary U.K. glam metal singer Steevi Jaimz has recently suffered a massive stroke.

Jaimz, born Steven Denham, 60, is best known for the time he once fronted the band TigerTailz who went solo soon after a much publicized split from the band in the late 1980’s.

The Jaimz camp has reached out to Metal Sludge exclusively to tell us this news, and we’ve been informed of the following.

Two days before Christmas on December 23rd 2022, at 4:30am Jaimz suffered what is being referred to as a ‘massive stroke‘.

The singer was rushed to an area hospital where he was admitted for several days.

Jaimz is now at home resting and on prescribed medications with strict Doctor’s orders to stay home, rest and try to get healthy.

Metal Sludge exchanged a few short messages with Jaimz himself and the singer tells us the following.

“I am gonna beat this… and word has it diabetes was the root of it all!” said Jaimz.

Jaimz also tells us he is home on ‘heavy meds‘ and recuperating as best he can considering the serious circumstances.

Jaimz first fronted the band Treason and soon after formed the group Crash KO before joining TigerTailz in or around 1985.’

Metal Sludge wish our friend Steevi Jaimz nothing but the best and a full and speedy recovery.

We ask everyone to reach out to Steevi via social media and send him some love to lift him up!

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