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F-BOMB MELTDOWN … Sebastian Bach goes on a Twitter tirade feuding with a fan about Skid Row song credits


BlabbermouthSebastian Bach has shot down a fan’s claim that he didn’t contribute to the songwriting on SKID ROW‘s debut album.

Bach joined SKID ROW in 1988 as the replacement for the band’s original lead singer Matt Fallon, who sang on demo versions of songs that were eventually re-recorded for SKID ROW‘s multi-platinum 1989 eponymous LP.

Earlier today, Bach weighed in on a Twitter discussion between SKID ROW fans in response to the announcement that the band’s current lineup will perform its second album, “Slave To The Grind”, in its entirety at a California concert next month. When one fan wrote that Sebastian “made SKID ROW the band they were,” another fan chimed in: “It’s hard to say a guy made a band who they were when he didn’t write anything on their biggest selling album. You get another good vocalist and you probably have the same result”. This prompted Sebastian to write: “Hey stupid you do realize that the songwriting credits are on the album right? Can you read?” When the same Twitter user said that “Fans need to move past ERAs”, Bach responded: “Fans have moved past ERAS they started back in 1996 jackass. You can either listen to #AngelDown #KickingandScreaming and #GiveEmHell,” referencing his last three solo albums, “or you can listen to ‘Rise Of The Damnation Army United World Rebellion Chapter 2’,” which was the latest post-Bach EP released by SKID ROW. “The choice of songwriters is up to you”.

Apparently undeterred, the fan who made the original comment about the alleged lack of Sebastian‘s songwriting contributions went on to say: “[Bach] wrote NONE of the songs on their biggest selling album which is the comment he is responding to,. I have been corrected on ‘Slave To The Grind’, I guess he can legitimately sing those 3 songs live”. To this, Sebastian replied: “READ THE CREDITS YOU F****** IDIOT I wrote the song ‘Makin A Mess’ and every single high note on the first SKID ROW Record when I was 19 years old. You think anybody wrote the screams in ’18 And Life’ other than me? Why don’t you go listen to the guy before me sing it on YouTube and go shove that video up your ass”.

He continued: “Hey you dumb fuck I co-wrote five songs on ‘Slave To The Grind’ if you could learn to read you would know this. I co-wrote five songs on ‘Subhuman Race’ so shove that up your ass too. Go listen to my solo records & the records they make without me and have a gr8 time”.

Sebastian added: “Read the credits if you want fact. The fact is u r a lifetime loser and you always will be. You have no clue what you’re talking about & can’t read liner notes. The albums they wrote without me are the ones that I do not sing on. My solo albums were written without them. Enjoy”.

Sebastian‘s latest comments come six years after he slammed his former bandmates in SKID ROW for claiming to have written all the songs on the group’s early records without him. During an appearance on the “Snider Comments” podcast with host Dee Snider of TWISTED SISTER, Bach said: “The biggest lie that those guys always tell is, ‘We wrote all the songs on all the records.’ If you listen to my albums and the SKID ROW albums, and then you listen to the SKID ROW albums without me, and then listen to my solo albums, that’ll give you all that you need to know about who wrote what. When they say, ‘We wrote the song ’18 And Life’, you [just] sang it.’ Okay, let’s examine that statement. You can go listen to the original version of that song online, and then you can listen to me doing it, and there’s something called a melody line. Okay? Where it goes, [singing] ‘Lived nine to five and he worked his fingers to the bone.’ Every time my voice goes into the register where you turn it up and go, ‘Holy shit! Did you fucking hear that?’ Those are the notes that I wrote, okay? Nobody does that in the version before that I didn’t fucking… ‘Can I sing this note in this part?’ ‘Yeah, do that, Sebastian. Yeah, do that.'”

He continued: “So I’m nineteen years old, taking these fucking songs and turning them into JUDAS PRIEST songs, as far as… I’m rewriting the melody lines, never thinking anybody was gonna like it, never thinking anybody was gonna buy it. I’m thinking I’m gonna be the next MALICE, not the next BON JOVI. The last thing anybody ever thinks is that somebody is gonna like this shit. That was, like, the last-case scenario. So I’m not in court, saying, ‘I wrote this note! I fucking…’ I’m not gonna be in litigation when I’m nineteen. You know?! So, [them saying] ‘We wrote all the songs’ is such a fucking pile of shit.”

*See several screen captures below from Sebastian Bach official Twitter

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