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Fatal Smile guitarist MR. Y has dressing room melt down, leaves tour & breaks up band after 1st show of 32 date European tour.




Fatal Smile guitarist has dressing room melt down and  flies home after 1st show of 32 date European tour


Europe — Who is Fatal Smile? That is the question some are asking. Well in a few simple words, they are a local band from Sweden who have been slugging it out for over a decade playing clubs, festivals and trying to “make it”. They’ve done a bunch of tours, opened up for all the -insert hairband name here- tours around Europe and now have imploded and broke up on the very first nite of their 32 date European 2014 tour.

Fatal Smile have spent the last several months hyping their new release “White Trash Heroes” and their first single “Rock Star”.

The bands recent press release says,  Expect the hardest “in your face” FATAL SMILE album yet recorded – It’s NOT for the faint-hearted since it’s louder, harder & faster than any of our previous albums & it WILL hit you like a tornado from hell…”

Metal Sludge says, “Bitch please!”

So why did Fatal Smile break up after 1 nite on tour? That is the million Euro question.

It seems the guitarist MR. Y, or Yxan was mad that his band wasn’t standing at the merch table long enough to try and sell swag and CDs after their Munich show with German rockers Shameless. How do we know this? Because we heard him crying about it like a bitch in the dressing room. And just like that, he simply stated, “I quit. I am breaking up the band and going home.”

Mr. Y then walked out of the dressing room and left.

We thought about calling the whambulance, but figured he was just another primmadonna rock star.

Then the next day we see this drivel below from the official Fatal Smile website.



At some point in your life you’ll have to ‘kill your darlings’…and it’s with a heavy heart I have to inform you that I’m laying my dear band FATAL SMILE to rest…

I sure know it’s a really bad timing with a new album to be released & we just kicked off our first show of the
tour last nite…

But at a certain point in life you’ll have to make decisions if things are really worth doing it…??

I have come to that point when the answer is no, it’s no longer worth sacrificing everything in my life, my heart & soul just to keep the ‘FS-train’ rolling…

It’s been an epic journey since I started the band back in 1995 & I had a blast ‘living the dream’…

A million thank’s to all of you for your endless support & love during those ‘Fatal years’ & thank’s to all the band members during this time.

I will sure keep writing & playing music, that’s for sure!!!

Take care & be well.

Peace & Love,
Yüksel Unutmaz aka ‘MR. Y’

Photo by Dave – Access Rock


The last ever group shot taken of Fatal Smile pre-show in Munich, pic courtesy myRockworld


Now some might see shit talking as unprofessional or unnecessary, but sometimes you have to call it like you see it.

Just to be clear, I sing for Shameless. And myself along with Alexx Michael, the Shameless band, and promoters in 4 countries have spent months organizing this tour. With MR. Y and Fatal Smile. The details for all shows have all been laid out and agreed to long before the tour started. And in a few hours time – MR. Y just threw it all away and bailed.

Not cool. And a total bitch move.

Never mind our band. Or your own band members. But you just shit on 4 countries, all the promoters, clubs and most of all – the fans.

Other tours have cancelled, rockers have quit their groups and we’ve all seen this before. And those have had to endure the repercussions of their choices. Now it’s your turn. So kindly know, that what you did is weak. No matter what your excuse is – it’s not good enough.

Stay home next time. Leave the real work up to the men.

Truth is, I barely know these Fatal Smile guys. But we have played a few shows with them in recent years around Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. It seems they always deliver, and show up with all kinds of gear, back drops, fancy stage clothes, chain mic stands, sample machines, fog machines and a whole lot more. All likely adding up to a LOT of money. Who’s money is it and where does it come from? Clearly Fatal Smile are not gold, platinum or anywhere close.

But I guess if you’re a rich kid – (someone in the band must be) – you can buy onto tours, display a bunch of fancy shit and play ‘Rock Star” for a year or ten.

Ironically their latest single is, err, was called “Rock Star” and if you care to listen below, you’ll hear all about being a rock star in their lyrics,  “I want a million bucks, I want the coolest car, I want a private jet, and fuck a porn star.”

By the way, all cliche’ shit and none of it makes you a rock star.

And didn’t Nickelback already release that song anyway?


Funny thing is the whole band sans MR. Y spent 20 hours in a motor home driving from Sweden to south Germany to kick off this tour. But Mr. Y – clearly playing rock star- boarded a plane and flew into town. I guess if you have the money, why not. The band arrived at sound check (5:pm) after a full day of driving, and little did they know, in just a few hours the rock star would walk out and head back to the same airport and fly right back home to Sweden. Or now per his claim, he’s still in Munich. Regardless, MR. Y has bailed the whole tour.

Meanwhile the other members of Fatal Smile would turn around and drive 20+ hours right back home.

I give respect to the other guys as it wasn’t their choice to fuck over fans, promoters and clubs like this.

With that said, I’ve said my part. We’re off to Prague today, then to Italy, Switzerland and back to Germany. Shameless will appear at all shows (>SHOW info HERE<)  and we’re gonna be rocking with some cool friends at all the gigs.

Stevie Rachelle “From Hell



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