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FED UP … Ratt fan pens open letter to Bobby Blotzer and writes; “By definition, (this) is fraud”


Ratt fan pens open letter to Bobby Blotzer and writes; “By definition, (this) is fraud”

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A recent open letter to Bobby Blotzer was posted by a Ratt fan today that sums up how he feels.

The fan notes he’s seen the band in concert 27 times, bought their catalog 4 x and spent more than 3 decades supporting the brand. But now, he’s fed up.

We have posted a screen capture of the letter (click to enlarge), and also cut and pasted the text for easier reading below.

We’ll let the letter do the talking.



Dear Mr. Blotzer:

I am a RATT Fan. I love the catalogue. I have bought RATT recordings four times – on vinyl, on cassette, on CD and then again on CD as remasters. I have bought concert tickets (27 times since 1985) and hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars in merchandise. Additionally, I have incurred travel expenses for shows and spent countless hours of my personal time endorsing and supporting your band – your business. I feel vested and qualified to address your erroneous behavior of late – selfish behavior that is ruining the legacy of RATT for many fans.

RATT is a band of LA music pioneers. A band that once wrote great songs. A band that once played their instruments with great technical proficiency. A band that showcased a legit guitar hero during an age of metonym. A band that helped usher in the visual music era of MTV. A band that has survived trends, survived industry uncertainties and survived the tragic loss of a contributing member.

Sadly, you have reduced these accomplishments and milestones to that of a tribute band. Granted, you have employed capable musicians to perform with you. But to present your current band of journeyman musicians as RATT is dishonorable and disingenuous to the buying public. You prey on the ignorance of most casual listeners and present a “like product” to an unsuspecting concert-goer for no other reason than financial gain. That sir, by definition, is fraud.

Yes, you are entitled to pursue a means of income. However, that pursuit should not be at the expense of an unsuspecting consumer. Furthermore, those that have supported you for the last 30 years should not be discarded and disrespected. You were once a regarded member of a ground-breaking band from the Sunset Strip. Sadly, your recent actions put you at risk for being remembered as a disillusioned, dishonest drummer with very poor business acumen. Instead of presenting a fraudulent product any longer, I appeal to your sense of decency and ask that you refrain from further tarnishing the RATT legacy that means so much to so many.

Perhaps you should turn your attention away from the Foreigner model and study the dignity of Led Zeppelin. Take the high road and do the right thing. Understand that RATT is bigger than any one member. Stop selling lies. Instead, have the courage and civility to blaze a new trail. You were once part of something great and although that time as passed, I implore you to have some class, treat fans with respect and care for the legacy of RATT with the reverence it deserves.

Sincerely, A Fed Up RATT Fan





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