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FEELING THE NOIZE … Quiet Riot celebrates 40th anniversary of ‘Metal Health’ with Whisky concert

Quiet Riot LIVE in concert at Whisky March 25th 2023

“This show was deeply emotional with Kevin’s mother and Frankie’s wife, Regina, both there.” – Rudy Sarzo

LOS ANGELES – Forty years of glam metal goes by in a flash of pyro, a crash of a drum cymbal, a blink of heavy mascara – if you’re having fun, that is.

So Quiet Riot is doing just that. It’s been 40 years since “Metal Health” went No. 1 — arguably the most important rock record since Led Zeppelin – and the seminal Los Angeles band is celebrating with a large-scale anniversary tour.

The group sold out the Whisky on Saturday, giving lucky loyalists a up-close chance to see this version of Quiet Riot that features original bassist Rudy Sarzo, longtime guitarist Alex Grossi and singer Jizzy Pearl, one of the world’s finest. 

“I absolutely love it. I mean, this being the 40th anniversary of ‘Metal Health,’ it’s awesome,” Grossi said a few minutes before going on. “You can’t beat a sold-out Whisky a go-go on a Saturday night. This is 2023, and we’re still going.”

Jizzy Pearl of Quiet Riot LIVE Whisky – March 25th 2023

Pearl continues to do a good job filling the large shoes of the late Kevin DuBrow, whose mother Laura Mandell was in attendance for the first time in 15 years.

“This show was deeply emotional with Kevin’s mother and Frankie’s wife, Regina, both there,” Sarzo said. “It was a celebration.”

Dizzy Reed from Guns N’ Roses and ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist D.J. Ashba also came out to feel the noize in addition to John Tempesta from The Cult, Doug Pinnick from Kings-X and Alan Krigger from Giuffria.

Sarzo returned last year and has given Quiet Riot new life.

“The guy’s a legend. Not just playing with Quiet Riot but playing with Ozzy and playing with Whitesnake and Dio,” Grossi said. “He brings such a positive element.”

“Slick Black Cadillac” came second, and drummer Johnny Kelly (Type-o Negative) was blasting away, Sarzo was holding down the beat, Grossi was powering through on guitar, and Pearl was singing like the band had just come up with the song the night before.

“The Wild and The Young” positively killed, too. Quiet Riot saved its two monster hits for last  – “Cum On Feel The Noize” and “Bang Your Head.”

And yes, Metal Health will drive you mad.

“This is my 20th year in the band believe it or not, and it’s a lot of work but a lot of fun,” Grossi said. “Our agent is keeping us really busy. Since Rudy came back, I’m pretty much living at the airport these days. We just announced a bunch of new tour dates.”

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Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot LIVE at Whisky March 25th 2023
Mrs. DuBrow (Kevin’s Mom), Alex Grossi and Rudy Sarzo at Whisky
Alex Grossi and Rudy Sarzo LIVE at Whisky March 25 2023
Johnny Kelly of Quiet Riot
Whisky-A-Go-Go marquee for Quiet Riot show on March 25th 2023



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