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Frontiers Records announces their inaugural Frontiers Rock Festival in Trezzo (Milano) Italy May 2014



Frontiers Records announces first ever Frontiers Rock Festival in Italy

Italy — It was 1996. Serafino Perugino, after a sleepless night, decided to move forward and start up a business that could finally involve him in music, his greatest passion. Then, two years later Frontiers Records debuted on the international markets with its first release.

Eighteen years passed… It has been wild ride, so many years of “blood, sweat and tears”, but – in the end – we dare to say we made it, managing to sign and release so many successful albums with top artists and bands that made us and all of you dream the dream.

But (there’s always a “but”…) during all these years a great idea always stayed in in the back of our minds. It was “the” idea: what the fans have always been asking for, something that’s always been growing and that we never dared to put into reality… a LIVE-event that could show everyone OUR way to think and create music and to celebrate the achievements that Frontiers Records, today’s leading indie Rock label in the World, has accomplished during the years.

So after countless mails and requests from fans, friends and partners, we decided that THIS IS THE TIME! So… here we go! What we offer you is NOT a Rock-Festival, but a full blast EVENT: three exciting days in which absolute TOP bands will share the big stage with some new brilliant acts. For some of them this will be the very FIRST TIME in Italy. Or better, for some of them, this will be the VERY FIRST TIME EVER and for others this will be anyway a very special concert with original line-up reunion or performing classic songs not played since a long time.

We made an effort to give you what you have been missing for a long time: a 3-days Rock-Party where we will offer you the chance to meet your favorite artists, to breath and feel the unique and friendly atmosphere of a Rock-event, to join the nice facilities of an hand-picked boutique venue and – most importantly – to fully enjoy some fabulous music and the exciting performances of these bands.

Now it’s YOUR TURN to join the celebration. Won’t you dare to miss the ROCK-EVENT of the year!?

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