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Gene Simmons of KISS responds to the peeing his pants on stage video. Then answers a fan who asks; "Do you shit money?"



Gene Simmons responds to peeing on stage video, “I did not” – but claims he shits money!


KISS_Gene_No_Pee_June_2014_5Twitter — The – we think Gene Simmons just pissed himself on stage article has exploded over night. So much so, it appears The Peemon, errr, oops, we meant The Demon has had to come clean and answer – did he, or didn’t he.

We’re guessing he was flooded (not with urine, but rather texts, emails and tweets) with incoming wanting to know,  “Did you pee your pants on stage?”

The KISS ARMY is definitely strong and they have spoken. The Gene Simmons may have peed his pants video may be the biggest hit the band has had in decades.

How big of a hit?

Well, the video clip on Youtube (seen below) has had over 25,000 views since Friday nite alone. At this rate they might surpass the Danny Nordahl of Faster Pussycat face plant into the drum riser clip. That video is closing in on 100,000 views.

Anyway, back to Gene and urine. It seems that KISS and pee are a great combination for success. Loads (take your mind out of the gutter please) of folks are talking about the golden event on social networks around the globe.

Metal Sludge was first to flow this report to the masses, like a waterfall of love. Even our friends at Classic Rock picked up the story and now it appears every rock site on the planet has jumped on this KISS rhymes with PISS band wagon.

Gene was forced to respond to the question, so without further delay, we give you The Peemon  and his official twitter.


Gene admits we have a great story here and he loves it.

In the end, our eyes were playing tricks on us and The Demon denies he peed himself on stage.

But never one to be upstaged, when one KISS fan asked, “Do you just shit money?” Simmons simply replied, “Yes”


We thank Gene for coming clean and giving us props on our story.

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