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GOBBLE GOBBLE … Bobby Blotzer on his version of Ratt “The audiences have just gobbled it up”



Bobby Blotzer on his version of Ratt “The audiences have just gobbled it up”



United Kingdom — Bobby Blotzer took his version of the band Ratt to the U.K. recently to perform at the annual HARD ROCK HELL festival on Saturday November 12th.

The drummer embraced the opportunity to do some on camera interviews while over on Foreign soil for the first time with his latest lineup.

One of those interviews was with Metal Gods TV and host Mick “The Beard”.

Cathouse_Block_SwagBlotzer talks to MGTV about his version of the band, and also touches on the legal situation between himself and Warren DeMartini.

The drummer also references Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Juan Croucier (Bass) and DeMartini as “the class of 1984.”

Blotzer is also happy to say from his perspectice, that fans have “gobbled it up” when talking about his new band. He notes that HRH will be show #65 and that he’s been doing this for the last 18 months with the new generation of Ratt.

The Southern California resident also proudly tells MGTV that with his new lineup there is “no arguing.” He then says the previous band couldn’t get “a lot of business done, couldn’t get a lot of things done because everyone would argue about it.”

Blotzer adds; “I’m stoked to do it, and want to keep doing it.”

Blotzer also talks of plans to record new music then adds; “The new record probably will come out, in the fall of 2017.”

The only original member of his version of the Ratt group talks candidly in a backstage interview that we’ve posted below.

Stay tuned for more from the Ratt world…




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