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GOD TOLD HIM TO … Ex-Enuff Z’Nuff singer Donnie Vie pens heartfelt letter to Metal Sludge at 3:43AM



Ex-Enuff Z’Nuff singer Donnie Vie pens heartfelt letter to Metal Sludge at 3:43AM



Metal Sludge — Good morning from Donnie Vie, via Metal Sludge.

The Chicago native has written us a 1,584 word letter/rant that seems to be reflecting on his life and music career.

Not sure what prompted this from the former Enuff Z’Nuff singer/songwriter, but Donnie Vie has poured his heart out to Metal Sludge in an extensive – wee hour of the morning – letter.

Donnie_Vie_Enuff_Znuff_Jan_2020_quote_1Vie, who has been the subject of many a Metal Sludge articles for as long as the site has been live, seems to be hurting.

“I dont know why I wrote this to you, and I’m sorry it was so long. But god told me to” writes Vie.

Vie can’t help but take shots at his long-time former partner Chip Z’Nuff and ridicules the group’s history and ultimately like in past (Donnie Vie) interviews, places a lot of blame on others, including Z’Nuff.

For the record, Metal Sludge has never meant ill will towards Donnie Vie, nor any other musician or person that we have ever covered.

The internet in general can be very cruel, and comments recently made about a Vie live show from Jan. 4th 2020 (see videos below), were bothering the singer.

Vie seemed to somewhat agree about the lackluster performance in his letter writing: “I’m standing there listening to what a fucking trainwreck was going on last week.”

At some point a comment was made by this site’s owner (Stevie Rachelle) that he was being too sensitive.

“Replying to your comment that I’m sensitive like a girl, your right.” writes Vie acknowleding the ‘sensitive’ comment by Rachelle.

The letter is full of twists and turns, going from Vie admitting his faults, to ranting about “huge black veiny dicks (in my ass)” to “I was actually trying to kill myself and put myself out of my misery.”

Vie, is without a doubt a (troubled) genius, with an immense musical talent that few have doubted.

However, many including Metal Sludge have challenged his person, bad habits and life choices over his career.

We’re not sure what to make of the letter, but Vie has told us point blank; “Print this, I don’t even give a fuck.”

See the full 4 part message sent to Metal Sludge starting at 1:43 AM (PST), which is actually 3:43 AM in Chicago (CST).

Happy reading…if you can decipher through the endless typos.


Don E Vie
Ya know whats funny bro, as im standing there listening to what a fucking trainwreck was going on last week,,, one of the first things that came to my mind was your face laughing your ass off. I am so pathetic. But this is true. Many things ive tried to do throughout my life have really taken a big left turn on me. Lots of it i was doing to myself, but i own that. Many things were not of myself. Some very key moments that sent me down an alley instead of the skyway were very much not of my control cuz of one thing or another, so i just tried to make the best of what was left at those times. And dont believe everything you hear, ive always made myself an easy target, and some people are just not able to own up to the truth.Some of them even went on to huge success by the kind and sacrificial choices i made, ( not Donnie_Vie_Enuff_Znuff_Jan_2020_quote_4knowing they were sacrificial at the time) but used me as a nice platform to make big friends along the way, so when they got everything they could get out of me jumped ship on to one that wasnt sinking. Then theres th ed guy who just wasnt satisfied with the returns on what he was also using me to accomplish. Cuz lets face it, as well as these guys did their jobs and kept it together, most wouldnt have had what it takes on their own to gain the respect and integrity we got with the songs and how i sang them.Anyways thats all hindsight and done. Its been really frustrating knowing what im capable of but for whatever reasons never got to find out. YET. But replying to your comment thst im sensitive like a girl, your right. Im already beating myself up bloody with all the ” if i only woulda’s” compiled with all those huge black veiny dicks including my own in my ass, then theres the magnifying glasses like your thing, and those other similar platforms spawned from yours that made me feel and look like a joke, and though its a small insignificant pond yo be swimming in it was still the only pond i was able to get to and its already filled with the jealous and judgemental dudes who cant wait to relish in seeing Dv and his cocky shit talking arrogance fall flat on his face, and then throw the ” hes got so much talent and just throws it away and sabotages himself, and if that were me, bla bla bla, .But that shit is everywhere i turn till i got to the point of litterally a phobia of leaving my domicile where im safe with my drugs and crying in a fuckit bucket. It took sooo long to find myself in a position where i had no choice but to finally get the help i avoided all those years, the therapy, the legal insentive to continue the whole clusterfuck of phases of being gutted to the studs and put back together properly, completely down to the little detail shit like seemless crown molding and the right shade of handles on the cabinets. I mean this was intence grueling bootcamp for a guy who basically grew up and lived his whole life like a wild animal, answering to no one, and had the celebrity taste still in my mouth knowing i got there if just for a minute, but from absolutely nothing and no one, no encouraging parents, no christmas preasnt gtrs, shoes bought at the grocery store etc.. but determination and hunger made me whittle that desire to a sharp ass little knife that could slice through most anything in need of slicing to get to where i needed an knew i was gonna go. Then came the huge tornado that Donnie_Vie_Enuff_Znuff_Jan_2020_quote_3whirled me accross so many vital places that i really still need to go through to do things right. I knew i was cheapening and going against my instincts and integrity, but who turns down an offer like that when ya came from where i did. It just became a chain reaction of steps in the wrong direction down to the point where the character was driving the boat, and the actual me was very seldom present. I knew all this while it was happening but i kept being able to deliver, so that was good enuff to just roll with being already that far off the track. Man i couldnt stand most of the other music in the circle i was in, i couldnt stand the way we all looked, i didnt know how to play the game and i was letting everyone but me make the decisions cuz i trusted them with my life. I mean whos gonna let something bad happen to me? Im the machine that keeps the train rollin. I just became oblivious and started seeing it all fall apart along with myself. I really thought theres no way im gonna live through all this debauchery and drugs n booze and whores, so just play it out now, itll be over soon and none of it will matter anymore. For some reason i was watching all these guys and friends and piers dying off like flys and im still here. How the fuck is that possible. Next to derek im supposedly the biggest mess of them all. That went on and on till i was actually trying to kill myself and put myself out of my misery. And man i tell ya ive known miserable sooo hard and cold that i couldnt wish on any worst enemy. Even you. Haha. Cutting to the chase, here i am 56, and the best i ever been.
Don E Vie
Hahaha i ran out of charachters. Anyways. Im doing everything right now, im driving my own boat, im away from all that shit and those assholes like chip and his clowny fake idealisms and bullshit that comes out of his mouth,( and its all bullshit, the guys the best bass player, but hes an idiot, a patronizing self entitled goofball who sprays his nasty scent on everything he can and trys to claim it as his.That guy never wrote anything. He didnt produce those records, he didnt even know a string patch from his toy organ to his own ass hole. He sat on the phone smoking pot holding his thumbs up after id nail another killer part, then he would sneak in and fuck it all up behind my back going in to mix shit that he had no idea what or why anthing was tracked and where it needed to sit.He snuck pieces of shit songs of his that i never even heard before till i got a copy of MY fucking records. I still salvaged the best i could, and they still managed to be great records, but no thanks to him. Hes a fucking idiot that thinks hes a genius and thats dangerous.Btw if you wanna print this i dont even give a fuck. Fuck that guy and his red rubber nose. ??
Don E Vie

Donnie_Vie_Enuff_Znuff_Jan_2020_quote_2Page 3… ??? .dude i tell ya its crazy shit ive lived . In fact i have to laugh its all so ridiculously fucked up. But ive got it together and now trying to present the live thing to live up to the recorded thing. Remember when we tried to record what we played, now we try to play what we recorded.That gig i took was cuz i needed the heat on me to get moving and back into whatever scene theres still left to get in to. And though it dosnt matter what metal sludge or chip znuff or any of these things think or say, cuz i know what i got, and i know what i can and am gonna do. But it still sucks that i havent been able to stick that shit up all those asses that wrote me off cuz of a shit band i had to throw together to not cancel, and had it not been completely sold out i would have.I know what happened, and again i let it happen. It was well recieved but a fucking disaster and i knew it would be. I know you guys are all laughing ur asses off, and that pisses me off. Hahaha.Thats all why im sensitive. Hahaha. Watch what happens the next time i step up to a mic. In fact its april, i wish you would come as my guest. Stevie, i know im a fucking monster and one of the best at what i do and so do you. Back me up just this one time and if you just ask me nicely id even give you a song or two and produce them so you could see what its like to be amazing too. And i would too if you asked me.I dont know why i wrote this to you, and im sorry it was so long. But god told me to. Ive known u a long time and in a strange way we been through a lot together. I hope you and your family are happy and healthy and keep kicking ass at what you do brother.Peace and love

DV. ( the king of power pop)
Don E Vie
Ps, if ya’s want a pic to go along with that exclusive let me know. ????‍♂️







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