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GOODBYE GLAM GOD … Legendary British Music Journalist Kelv Hellrazer Has Passed Away


HOLLYWOOD, California — Legendary British journalist and music aficionado Kelv Hellrazer has died.

Hellrazer, was 55, and is best known for his ties to the Glam Rock world for decades, and helped The United Kingdom and Europe learn about the scene and music from the Sunset Strip long before the internet.

Hellrazer born Kelvin Hyams wrote for Metal Forces, Kerrang and other publications as well as working closely with record labels, managers and publicists world-wide.

Hellrazer was the first across the Atlantic to give press to Hollywood bands like Poison, Sweet Savage, Guns N’ Roses, Ruby Slippers, Warrant, Pretty Boy Floyd and Tuff among others.

Original TigerTailz singer Steevi Jaimz was one of the first to publicly make a statement about his long time best friend.

Jaimz writes on his personal Facebook page: “Wow… I am in total shock. Just weeks after losing my best friend and beautiful boy Nanook, I get the news that my best mate Kelv (always Les to me) has died. I can’t really put into words how I feel right now… Heartbroken, fukked off with this world, angry you name it. He would get a big kick out of me putting this tune up. But, this one’s for you Les! You’ll NEVER be forgotten mate. We had some fukkin’ times indeed. You were and always will be a fukkin’ LEGEND!!!!!!!! Ride the wind and travel safe… Take care of my boy Nanook until I get there. I will see you again. x”

It’s still early and there is little information available, but we will update as more details become known.

Kelv Hellrazer was and always will be a true Glam Legend in the music world.

We will all miss you Kelv Hellrazer, you were one of a kind for sure.

RIP Kelv Hellrazer

Steevi Jaimz Facebook Posting March 13th 2020
Bobby Dall, Kelv Hellrazer and Steevi Jaimz – Hollywood 1986
Stevie Rachelle of Tuff and Kelv Hellrazer – Hollywood 1987
Bret Michaels of Poison, in his bedroom, with Kelv Hellrazer – Hollywood 1986



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