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GUT-LESS HYPOCRITE … Stryper’s Michael Sweet takes shots at certain “Rock Stars” but won’t name names; Fans suggest he’s attacking Vince Neil

Michael Sweet photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Metal Sludge — In a new post on social media Stryper singer Michael Sweet has made some comments about certain “rock stars” and how they have let their-self go and cannot perform.

Sweet posted a lengthy rant writing: “I’ve never understood how certain bands can achieve the success that they have and continue to thrive when it seems that they they could care less. Or they’ve lost their abilities all together. Why do people/fans continue to pay top dollar for “rock stars” who don’t care enough to sound good, look good, play good? Such a mystery to me.”

Sweet continued with: “Bands who can’t sing, can’t play and who have let themselves go physically yet fans continue to lay their hard earned money out to see these bands over and over again.”

Sleazeroxx has also covered this story and suggests that Sweet is referring to Vince Neil in their article writing: “It appears that Stryper frontman Michael Sweet might be referring to Mötley Crüe lead vocalist Vince Neil.”

If this is indeed the case, it would definitely make Sweet look like a bit of a hypocrite, especially since he was campaigning to get his band on The Stadium Tour back when it was first announced.

In the fall of 2019 when Motley Crue announced their The Stadium Tour 2020 with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Sweet did all he could to make it known Stryper should be on the tour.

As covered by Bravewords (Nov. 30th 2019) Sweet told his readers and fans the ‘Four Reasons why Stryper should be added to The Stadium Tour’.

The Stryper singer then rambled on about why he felt his band should be part of the package.

Neil has recently come under fire after having to cut his first come-back (post Covid) show short due to his voice giving him problems.

The Motley Crue front-man has also been the subject of much internet ridicule due to his weight and overall appearance in recent years.

Sweet is no stranger to speaking out, and while some fans seem to support his view, others have called him out for being soft and not naming who he is referring to in his rant.

One could assume who Sweet is bashing in his most recent online tirade as Vince Neil has been a continued target with these type of attacks from fans online.

See the full screen captured statement below as shared on Sweet‘s official Facebook.



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