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Adolf Hitler responds to RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer turning his Facebook page off. >VIDEO<





Hitler responds to Bobby Blotzer deleting his Facebook page.
By The Guvner Presents


YouTube — Only the internet can bring us such madness.

After the recent drama in the RATT camp it seems one fan decided to put together his own take (or, Hitler‘s take) on what happened.  The fan has taken some video content of Adolf Hitler and added comments to go with it.

This account from youtube is titled ‘theguvmerpresents‘ and has featured other whacky clips with related 80s hairband content. Including the very popular Hitler responds to new L.A. Guns lineup CLIP.  This piece uses the same Hitler movie scene and details the events surrounding  Tracii Guns parting ways with Jizzy Pearl and replacing him with Rockstar Supernova contestant Dilana.

Guvner has also put together a clip showing the ‘alleged’ reaction from some fans when Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue announced their 2011 summer tour with Poison. (See clip below)

Other crazy videos have surfaced and become popular, some going viral in recent years with related crazy content. A few come to mind, like “Cooking Hostile w/ Phil Anselmo” a animated series put together with parody style lyrics to Pantera songs. (See episode 1 below)


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