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I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I? … Sebastian Bach has drunken Twitter meltdown goes after Chris Jericho for lip-syncing claims wrestling isn’t real

Sebastian Bach & Chris Jericho

Metal Sludge — Is it Groundhog Day?

Nope…but Sebastian Bach is in an internet fight once again.

It seems Bach is drunk in bed yelling at people on Twitter.

How do we know?

Simple, Bach himself said so. Or Tweeted so.

Twitter user pointed out that Sebastian Bach is “trending” on the platform, Bach wrote: “I don’t know why I’m trending I’m just drunk sitting alone in my bed”.

Today’s victim of the drunk former Skid Row screamer, is Chris Jericho from the band FOZZY.

Jericho also is known for his wrestling career, which Bach has informed the Champ, wrestling is not rock n’ roll.

But apparently yelling about Trump daily is? Lol.

In the latest Sebastian Bach Vs: Everyone feud, Bach has went on the offensive after a fan commented about Jericho looking like Bach.

Which is crazy, because the last we checked, Jericho has been to the dentist and appears to bathe.

Wait, is that bullying?


Jericho then challenges Bach to a “SING OFF”.

Bach accepts the challenge and replies: “I will sing in you F***** face anytime. Wrestling is not rock n’ roll. I will show you f***** rock n’ roll”.

What followed (for hours) is a series of Tweets, replies, posts, remarks and comments.

The two have been e-slapping like 2 girls on the playground for all to see.

Below are some of the countless jabs and exchanges between Bach, Jericho and select fans – who seem to be siding with their favorite.

Happy 2020.

This is the Header on Sebastian Bach’s Twitter Account.


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