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Rumors confirmed. Jake E Lee and Red Dragon Cartel have cancelled more US shows. On the chopping block this week are Detroit and Chicago.





Jake E Lee & Red Dragon Cartel rumored to be cancelling more US shows.


Rumourville — Inside sources have informed Metal Sludge that Jake E Lee and his Red Dragon Cartel have cancelled yet another show.

The show in question is the “Token Lounge” in Detroit Michigan on Friday June 27th. The official site for the club previously had tickets for sale and promotional materials posted, but now the show information seems to have evaporated.

We’ve located some links through a web search and the show was indeed booked, promoted and ticket links live.


It also appears that the same can be said for for their show the following nite on Saturday June 28th at Reggies in Chicago Illinois. We have found the official event from Facebook has now updated their page with a message informing fans of the cancellation.


This surely must be a bit frustrating for the other band members, Darren James Smith included. We’ll go out on a limb and assume Smith was excited to play the Detroit area as it’s only a bridge crossing from his homeland of Canada.

Red Dragon Cartel are currently in Europe to play shows in Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom for a short tour. The UK tour which originally was slated to have 7 shows, but due to 2 cancellations  – that tour was reduced to 5 dates including the massive Download Festival.

The concert schedule below was pulled from Pollstar.


Upon returning from Europe it appears that Red Dragon Cartel have shows in Washington and Idaho and the aforementioned Detroit  and Chicago dates.

Cancelling shows has become common place with the former Ozzy Osbourne and Badlands founding guitarist. Jake E Lee and his Red Dragon Cartel have cancelled recent shows in New Jersey, Minnesota and Delaware.

Stay tuned for more updates and of course, more cancellations.

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