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Jake E. Lee talks in depth about the Ozzy audition process, filling Randy Rhoads shoes and Red Dragon Cartel




Jake E. Lee talks in depth about Ozzy audition, filling Randy’s shoes & Red Dragon Cartel


Youtube — Jake E. Lee of Red Dragon Cartel talks in depth  in a new video interview about his entire history in music.

Lee talks about a variety of subjects and really goes in detail about some of the stuff. We’ve noted with bullet points some of what he talks about below, including a very interesting part talking about the audition process when he tried out for Ozzy.

* Talks about playing in a Country Western band and a Funk band pre-Rought Cutt and before Mickey Ratt,

* About who all tried out for Ozzy and the process, how it all went.

* How “Ozzy wanted George Lynch” – and Lynch was the first choice even before Randy Rhoads.

* He talks in detail about song writing with Bob Daisley and what Ozzy’s involvement was in the whole process.

* Mentions of Dokken.

* Talks about Don Costa.

* Days Bob Daisley is a genius, claims Bob wrote the lyrics for most of the Ozzy records.

* Jake admits he was very intimidated to try and fill Randy’s shoes.

* About coming back with Red Dragon Cartel.

* Talks about involving Robin Zander of Cheap Trick as a pivotal moment.

The video interview is courtesy of Indiepower TV from their youtube channel. Watch the full interview below.



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