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JANI LANE’S LITTLE GIRL … Maddi Lane Sings “Heaven” at Her First Ever Live Performance Honoring Her Late Father Jani Lane

Maddi Lane performing “Heaven” at “Temple Live” in Cleveland, Ohio May 20th 2023
David Sands Photography

“What an honor to sing tribute to my pops this weekend, in Ohio where he grew up, surrounded by close family and friends.”Maddi Lane

Cleveland, OHIO — The Jani Lane Tribute show took place at “Temple Live” over the weekend and it featured some very special guests.

The show honoring the late Jani Lane was put together by former Warrant guitarist and life-long local Cleveland resident Billy Morris.

Morris was also great friends with Lane, who was instrumental in him getting the gig in Warrant.

Morris has done similar tribute shows to Lane over the years, but this night was extra special.

This Jani Lane Tribute show was Saturday May 20th 2023 and this event featured several guests including Bobbie Brown “The Cherry Pie Girl , along with her daughter Taylar Lane, and the classic era Warrant singer’s youngest daughter Maddi Lane.

The night started out with live sets from local all-female group Medusa and Tuff as support to the headliners Billy Morris and The Sunset Strip.

Morris and his band did an entire set of songs written by Lane.

The set also included some childhood friends,, family and former road-crew members all telling some personal stories about their history with Lane.

But the highlight of the night was when the band played the song “Heaven.”

Morris and his band started the song and then Lane‘s daughter Maddi stepped in and took over the lead vocals.

Fittingly enough, Maddi enters the song just as Morris sings the line; “I don’t need to be the king of the world, as long as I’m the hero of this little girl”, and then Maddi steps into frame from side-stage and starts singing.

Maddi takes the mic from there, and sings the rest of the song. (Watch the video below)

According to Maddi, this was her first ever live performance as she wrote on her official Instagram account: “This was my first ever live performance in front of an audience, so obviously I was nervous, but I channeled it into excitement and I asked myself, “What would dad do?””

All the while Brown and Maddi‘s older sister Taylar were in the front row singing along with the fans.

Morris even used one of Jani Lane‘s acoustic guitars for the special performance.

As most know Brown was featured in the band’s biggest hit video for “Cherry Pie” (1990), married Lane in 1991 and Mothered his first daughter Taylar in 1992.

Maddi short for Madison was born in 1997 to the singer’s 2nd wife Rowanne Brewer.

Maddi first released her own version of “Heaven” back in 2017, which we featured right here on Metal Sludge with our article “WOW… Jani Lane’s daughter Maddi Lane sings “Heaven”.

Since our initial article about Maddi she has recorded some of her Father’s other songs as well, including “Stronger Now” and “Sometimes She Cries.”

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Bobbie, Maddi and Taylar at “Temple Live” Cleveland Ohio May 20th 2023
Maddi Lane shares some new and old photos with her sister Taylar and their Father Jani Lane
Bobbie Brown at the Jani Lane Tribute show at “Temple Live” Cleveland May 20th 2023
Photo By: David Sands Photography
Billy Morris and The Sunset Strip perform The Jani Lane Tribute show at “Temple Live” May 20th 2023
Photo by: David Sands Photography


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