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Jeff LaBar takes blame for Cinderella collapse; “Tom (Keifer) doesn’t want to see me die!”




Jeff LaBar talks childhood buddies, wants to be a chef and takes blame for Cinderella demise

“Tom (Keifer) doesn’t want to see me die, he doesn’t want to witness me dying!” Jeff Labar

“Quite frankly, the word is out, that I’m a fu??ing drunk.” Jeff LaBar


Another FN’ Podcast — On this week’s Another FN Podcast with Izzy Presley, I was lucky enough to reconnect with my friend Jeff LaBar to talk about what is going on with him now post solo record and post Cinderella.

He talked candidly about his new journey back to school to be a chef, his battle with addiction, his relationship with Tom Keifer and the rest of Cinderella, and about the status of the band, why he thinks it is still on hiatus, and walking away from the music industry.
This is one of the most open and honest interviews I have ever done.  He told me today that he had not spoken on the subject in a while and it was time to let it all hang out.
There were no shots fired, no he said/she said, and no bullshit.  Just a strait forward guy telling the truth on a very personal level while owning his demons and the effect they may have had on the band and his personal relationships.

I am proud to call Jeff a friend and it was an honor to bring my listeners his story.

Izzy Presley




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