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Joey Allen, 9/27/99





Joey Allen, Super Balls Award Winner!

So today we emailed Joey Allen to see if he heard anything about Rick Steier and Erik Turner getting into a fight.  He then replied with one of the greatest emails in Metal Sludge history!  So good in fact, he received a Super Balls Award for it!  Here it is in it’s entirety.


I have no clue what might have happened.  After I did that STERLING interview with you the two guys that are still in the band that I got along with, Erik and Jerry, ceased to be my friend (thin skinned pussies taking themselves to seriously?!?!).  Maybe they both beat the fuck out of each other over frustration for having to share the stage with ‘The Budweiser Frog’???  Who knows, who cares?  How sad is it when a band that has had a measurable (all be it small) amount of success has to resort to recording a CD of themselves covering their only hits???  I’d be frustrated too, wouldn’t you?  By the way my tunes are kicking ass.  I’ll share them with you when I’m done.  I can gladly say it will have no association with Warrant.  It’s definitely no PUSSY rock.  Also, I was the one that turned the ‘Real’ Tony Montana onto that bogus interview.  He’s a good guy with a great sense of humor, have fun with him.  Keep me posted on the what you find out about the fight, I love a good cat fight.  Who doesn’t?


Joey Allen

That without a doubt deserves a Super Balls Award! So ladies and gentlemen, signed and unsigned, we present Joey Allen, aka Joey Cagle, the Super Balls Award!


So Joey did an interview with us last July, which can be found HERE, and now Erik and Jerry won’t talk to him anymore!  That probably deserves an FU Award as well.   Maybe Joey should thank us for that.  But what a bunch of bitches!  Unlike Jerry and Erik, Joey can at least laugh at himself and take a joke.  People laugh WITH Joey, while people laugh AT Jerry and Erik.  Then he called Jani "The Budweiser Frog" and totally went off on the new album.  Joey has huge nuts for saying that.  His email was so good we don’t really have anything to add to it.  It pretty much speaks for itself.  So right now, we would like all the Sludgeaholics to stand up out of their seats, and give Joey a round of applause.  Go ahead, stand up and clap!

Ok, sit down now, you’re embarrassing yourself.

We haven’t found out anymore info on the Rick and Erik fight, but even if things blow over and Rick stays with Warrant, we still got some quality shit out of the deal!

Also, in the coming weeks, Joey will let us and the world know who really played on Warrant’s albums.  There has always been rumors about who played on Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking, Rich, and now Joey will let us know.  He did tell us that, "Some of the solos were split between Mike Slammer and myself.  Mike deserves credit, he’s a good player.  It was a Beau Hill thing, what a dickhead.  I’ll tell you one thing, I played on all three records.  I certainly didn’t play all of the solos but I played a number of them.  On Dog Eat Dog I played every solo, maybe that’s why it only went gold, ha, ha, ha…" 

So look for that sometime in October. 

Thanks again to Joey Allen for being down with Metal Sludge and having the balls to speak his mind!   As Chip Z Nuff would say, We Hail You!



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